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Impact of the tsunami disaster Toyota April sales fell 23.5% in China

According to Japanese media JapanToday reported that the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation (toyotaMotorCorp.) 2011 4 month in China sold 48,700 cars, down 23.5% from a year earlier. Toyota Motor (China) Limited said that as the 3.11 earthquake and tsunami disasters caused stagnation in auto parts supply, resulting in the company's automotive assembly difficulties.

    In this connection, Toyota said the company is implementing to buy replacement parts and other programs to restore production as soon as possible to the level before the earthquake.

    In late April 2011, Toyota Motor Corporation announced that on June 3 until all Toyota vehicle plant in China will be reduced to normal operating rate of 50%, and in extreme cases are more likely to be lowered to 30%.

    It is reported that in April the company sold 176,000 in the United States, the chain fell 9.5%, slightly up 1.4% year on year.

    In addition, according to other Japanese media reported that in 2011 the company expects worldwide vehicle production will be cut a total of 800,000, which may result in its annual output less than 700 million, lower than the company expected. Previously, the company expected its global vehicle production in 2011 will be 7.7 million.

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