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Parts industry: the automotive industry with high growth in 2010 curtain call

1 quarter of 2011, car sales remain high, the growth rate falling significantly. A quarter of car sales in China reached 4.98 million, an increase of only 8.08%. 2009,2010 overdraft policy largely driven consumption of consumer demand in 2011, a quarter of car sales growth this year has shown a sharp downward trend. Two years ago the greatest benefit from cross-type passenger car sales have been negative growth year on year, we expect no significant change during the year. Annual passenger growth rate will drop substantially year on year but still maintain a growth of about 10%, while commercial vehicle growth rate will decline even more apparent. Considering these factors, the national car sales in 2011 will be about 5-10% growth.

    2011 Q1, SUV, MPV maintain rapid growth, small-displacement of 1.6 liters and below-than-expected growth rate of basic passenger vehicles. 1-3 months, SUV, MPV models continued to perform well; small displacement of 1.6 liters and below basic passenger car sales rose 12.77%, higher than the industry average, exceeding expectations. We believe that the major cities in the domestic demand for cars three or four lines the result of the release, with the withdrawal of preferential policies to gradually weakened, and the third and fourth line of the city's demand for cars continues to release low-emission passenger cars in 2011 higher than the industry average growth rate is expected.

    Enterprise gross margins vehicle, passenger cars, commercial vehicles division profitability. As raw material prices generally rise and sharp drop in sales growth, gross profit margin vehicle listed companies decreased slightly year on year, we believe that rising inflation expectations in 2011 against the backdrop of falling prices of raw materials are less likely, most of the hair car prices interest rates will decline. 1 quarter of 2011, corporate profits continue to grow passenger cars, and most profitable commercial enterprises have begun to decline

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