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Haicheng, "the essence of mineral"M & A Spanish company

Reporter 9, the city learned from the sea, the sea city of the essence of M & Minerals Co., Ltd. mineral resource development company in Spain, according to the contract signed by both parties, "the essence of mineral" holding 100%.

    Haicheng Minerals Co., Ltd. is the essence of a comprehensive R & D capabilities with leading technology strength and ultra-fine non-metallic mineral processing enterprises, to government issued within designated high-tech high-tech and new materials, product research, development , production and business. The company's main products are chemical fillers, halogen-free flame retardants and pharmaceutical food grade talc three series of products, products with international advanced level, can replace similar imported products. Mineral Resources Development Company of Spain has a world-class powder production processing technology and advanced research and development level, with extensive experience in developing high-grade plastic, holds the modern application of modified polypropylene auto parts industry's most advanced technology and rubber insulation Filled with the application of technology, North America, Europe, many large mining companies are using its technology and service development of the mineral.

    July 2008 to discuss the two sides came into contact, after more than two years finally signed the contract. Through mergers and acquisitions, Haicheng Minerals Ltd. to achieve the essence of various aspects of the harvest. The first is the introduction of the European high-grade plastic packing production of advanced technology, closer to the forefront of the world's high-tech distance. Second is to master the European market demand and development, thereby expanding the overseas market to Europe as a platform surrounding radiation. In addition, take the first introduction of advanced technology, re-innovation after absorbing, and finally made, the formation of its own intellectual property rights. Haicheng talc full use of resources, optimize the industrial structure talc to improve the rapid regional economic growth of competitive industries, promote the talc industry, technology upgrading, and the resource advantages into economic advantages.

    In recent years, the city seize the sea domestic industrial restructuring and industrial transfer of favorable opportunities, strengthen leadership, meticulous organization, and push forward the work of mergers and acquisitions. Through the efforts, the sea city of mergers and acquisitions made a breakthrough.
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