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Electric Vehicle R & D 863 selection

Hunan Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. ("Times Electric") "deep hybrid electric bus industry technology research" and "plug-in hybrid electric bus industry technology research," the two issues, recently received the national "863 Plan" electric Auto major projects to support, Ministry of Science and financial support were obtained 20.87 million yuan.

    This is the CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Co., Ltd. electric vehicle industry vehicle research and development topics, the first major national science and technology projects received support. CSR Zhuzhou where that key components of electric vehicles and vehicle development and manufacturing, has a leading position in the country.

    In 2001, the use of CSR Zhuzhou national "863 Program" of the national electric vehicle research and development platform for major projects, for the first time into the field of electric vehicles. In early 2002, CSR Zhuzhou received "fuel cell bus - motor and control system", "multi-energy powertrain control system" and two "863" project, and as a major research and development unit in "fuel cell car - DC / DC converters, "another" 863 "electric car project. Since then, CSR Zhuzhou have been undertaken by the national "863" key components and systems for electric vehicles, a total of 18 research topics, became the national commitment to "863" electric vehicles, the most important one of the special issue.

    With "863" platform, "Times Electric" mastered the use of pure electric passenger car, series hybrid, parallel hybrid power system of three technologies, particularly in the motor and control system development, energy storage system applications, power system matching, etc., is formed. Core technology competitiveness in the international advanced level, became key components of electric vehicle systems and the largest supplier.

    In 2007, CSR Zhuzhou High-tech Zone where the investment in the electric vehicle industrial base, developed its own brand electric vehicle issued by the World Bus Union, "China's original bus Award", "Best Comfort Bus Prize" and other awards. Currently, CSR own brand of hybrid city bus has run Tan, Kunming, Tianjin and other domestic market, the number of online operations accounting for the electric vehicle with independent intellectual property rights to promote hybrid city bus for nearly 1 / 3 first in the nation, operating mileage, fuel rate, attendance and other operating metrics best level in the country.
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