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Honeywell intends to vote in the Chinese production base built turbocharger

Fortune 500 companies Honeywell International, Inc. intends to invest in Wuhan, China set up its second turbocharger production base. Mayor Tang Liangzhi yesterday met with the Chairman and CEO Dave Cote and his party.

    Honeywell is a hundreds-year-old high-tech international companies, products include aerospace products and services, industrial and home and building control technology, transportation and power products and specialty materials manufacturing, 2010 in the world, "Fortune" 500 Top ranked 248, a turnover of 30 billion U.S. dollars. Honeywell in the global total of 10 turbocharger manufacturing and sales base in China's first turbocharger production base in Shanghai.

    Tang Liangzhi said Honeywell select investments with a strategic vision of Wuhan, the next 5 or 10 years, the central region is still one of the fastest growing regions in China, as China's geography and transportation hub of Wuhan, it is the most central region representation, the most development potential, the most dominant one of the cities, the current growth rate of industrial investment and more than 25% were; want to Wuhan, Honeywell more extensive and deep cooperation.

    Cote said the company has multiple products and technologies have been commercially available, and he hoped that with the energy saving and other aspects of Wuhan in more exchanges and cooperation.
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