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Mercedes-Benz DiesOtto innovative hybrid motor gasoline and diesel

Back in 2007 Mercedes - Mercedes-Benz unveiled its world's first "Diesotto" gasoline and diesel hybrid technology, known as the new future of the automobile engine. Car network in China today to introduce to you the history of Mercedes-Benz's new technology, this ground.

    Not only has the power surging gasoline engines, advanced diesel engines and high torque, cleaner emissions and high fuel economy - Mercedes - Benz in 2007, released its the world's first "DiesOtto" gasoline engine technology to show the world the future of gasoline engines. DiesOtto successful development, not only gasoline fuel-based power system in achieving the fuel economy has been greatly on the increase, and again in power and practical application of environmental balance provides a new solution for the future.

    "Let the same as gasoline and diesel engines with a commitment to sustainable economic development of our technology objectives. DiesOtto concept gasoline engine and diesel engine combines the main advantages, with the conditions to achieve this goal." Daimler - Chrysler Le, chief environmental officer and body and powertrain engineering and head of research HerbertKohler professor said, "At present, diesel in the world has made a successful application; At the same time, vehicles equipped with gasoline engines for many customers and markets words still have the long-term appeal. Therefore, we are also concerned about the development of these two types of engines, and at this stage to DiesOtto concept of a combination of two types of engine, will bring its high performance and low emissions presented to you. "

    Mercedes-Benz DiesOtto engine powered concept car F700

    Gasoline and diesel engines from the "marriage" from the DiesOtto engine concept, covering controlled ignition systems, gasoline direct injection and variable compression ratio, and other advanced technologies. Among them, the controlled auto ignition system technology embodies the core of DiesOtto: When the engine is started and running at full speed, the use of traditional spark plug ignition; in the low speed state, the engine will automatically controllable ignition technology, similar to the efficient diesel engine combustion process, thus greatly reducing the nitrogen oxide emissions of gasoline, high torque at the same time bring a substantial increase in fuel economy. DiesOtto Another advantage of the engine, from the practical and developmental perspective, it does not need any synthetic fuels, gas stations everywhere regular gasoline will make it demonstrates high performance qualities.

    F700 concept car

    2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, the F700 concept car under the golden body, bearing a stunning technology that Diesotto gasoline and diesel hybrid technology. Diesotto gasoline engines and diesel engines combine the mechanical structure, so this technique can either use the diesel engine can burn gasoline. Diesotto With the latest technology, this car will be the performance of gasoline engines and diesel engines with high torque and fuel economy combining, while maintaining a "very clean" emissions standards.

    This sets Diesotto F700 equipped with four-cylinder engine displacement of only 1.8L, after a two-stage turbocharger, power comparable to the Mercedes-Benz S-class (quotations image parameters) 350 of the V6 engine, however, the fuel consumption of 3.5 liters per hundred kilometers, was the station V6 gasoline engine that can not compare. In the case of the fuel better, it can reach 127 g / km of carbon dioxide emissions. It is said that it is the most efficient fuel consumption of large luxury sedan.

    Such a great revolutionary technology, either alone or in combination with the electric system, will bring far the most efficient and energy-efficient powertrain. Because of this the engine low on oil quality requirements, if a massive scale, the demand for high-grade gasoline will fall, it can indirectly reduce the oil pollution caused by the smelting process.
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