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German horse brand tires investment $ 210,000,000 tire plant expansion in Brazil

Tire plant to double capacity within 5 years;

    l Ma investment project is a global tire brand tires of the business development strategy;

    l At present 1,150 employees, will add 400 jobs in Brazil's market share to record levels.

    May 2011 - an internationally renowned supplier of auto parts, tire manufacturers world-renowned horse brand in Germany will invest 210 million U.S. dollars tires, expansion Bahia, Brazil (Bahia) Kama Surrey City tire plant. Horse brand tires (Americas) COO MatthiasSchönberg said: "This investment is a horse of the development strategy of brand tires, tire designed to significantly improve the horse brand products in the global tire business performance - especially the BRIC countries results of operations. to 2015, Kiama Surrey tire plant to double production capacity. "In 2010, the German tire production plant in Malaysia licensed production of 4.5 million passenger car tires and 350,000 truck tires. This year's production exceeded the new, high production 5,000,000 450,000 passenger car tires and truck tires.

    Horse tire market for Latin America's general manager RenatoSarzano tire brand, explains: "In 2004, we project into the first investment funds - 2.6 billion. Today, we launched the second wave of investment, aims to expand production, to meet the North American Free Trade Area (including the United States, Canada, Mexico) in the market. Latin America, Brazil, close to the North American Free Trade Area, the market status is very important. "

    Kama general manager of Surrey PedroMatos tire factory, said: "Through this investment, we can install new equipment, optimizing the process, add 400 jobs, benefit the development of the market throughout the region." This tire factory 4, 2006 officially put into operation, the total area of ​​8,611,128 square feet, the existing 1,150 employees. Initial planning, the expansion of space has been reserved.

    Sponsored by the German horse brand tires in Brazil in 2014 World Cup, this expansion of production capacity for further growth in future demand provides a good guarantee. 2010 German horse tire brand's market share in Brazil, a new high (passenger car and light truck spare tire market). Brazilian market is also proud of the increase in operating results - sales of passenger car tires and truck tire sales increase over 2009, respectively 25% and 38%. In 2010, the German horse brand passenger and light truck tire tire global sales reached 100 million.

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