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New energy components does not exceed 50% foreign ownership whose heart hurt?

Recently, the Development and Reform Commission jointly with the Ministry of Commerce of the "Guidance Catalogue for Foreign Investment," be revised, according to the draft, new energy, key auto parts enterprises, foreign ownership to 50%. Also with the automobile companies limit foreign ownership standards.

    Most foreign-funded enterprises is to this rather "dissatisfied", called the move a "trade protection" is suspected, some brokers said that under the protection of the policy can be increased in the key components of new energy vehicles owned enterprises in the technology's advantages not optimistic.

    Clean Sweep of new energy vehicles parts

    Draft in transportation equipment manufacturing industry categories, stressing that "the key components of new energy vehicles, no more than 50% foreign investment, and clearly defines the core components of the type and specific criteria, such as energy-type battery (energy density 110Wh / kg, cycle life 2000 times) and so on. battery management system, electronic control of electric vehicles and other electronic components are integrated into the account.

    Draft is almost a clean sweep of the core components of the field of new energy vehicles, this means that all relevant core components must implement domestically?

    An investment in Guangzhou, the Taiwanese electronics factory electronic control heard the news have become quite worried, "Will not future domestic, joint venture of, there is no way to enter the new energy vehicles matching system?" Dentsu, Bosch and other foreign auto parts giant also quite worried about this, the enterprises in China have a large number of wholly-owned holding enterprises.

    It is reported that the newly approved foreign-owned domestic auto parts enterprises, the number has been higher than the number of joint ventures, international auto parts enterprises to seize the market, but not for the local parts enterprises in exchange for technology, "the solicitation of , and it can be seen that countries in the development of new energy automotive industry to give up frowned on 'market for technology'. "States Securities analysts said the new energy sector, foreign investment into the Chinese market for many years, but China has not mastered the engine, transmission, etc. the core of the traditional automotive technology.

    Or re-trigger Sino-US trade friction

    Recently, two U.S. lawmakers that China's electric vehicle technical regulations hinder the U.S. car firms to enter the Chinese market, encouraging the U.S. government to interfere. This draft, if passed, will again lead to Sino-US trade friction?

    Some automobile companies are not optimistic, one engineer surnamed Zhou Guangzhou Automobile Research Institute has revealed the helpless situation, "like a battery, except for a few domestic enterprises to play a gimmick, we went to research, not a business line with domestic Our new energy vehicles, the matching requirements of battery power. "

    Southern reporters also learned that the core components of the new energy vehicles are still in early development and investment, for example the case to power the battery, at least 30 billion yuan, it normally takes 5-10 years to realize the commercialization of the Chinese joint venture partners are often reluctant to investment return period of such slow industry.

    States Securities analysts said the new energy industry, "national policies for new energy vehicles to support the upstream and downstream from the industrial chain to the charging facilities, consumer subsidies, but the key is technology, such as aircraft storage battery mileage, electronic technology, electronic control, not heat policy, the cold technology. "


    The key components of new energy vehicles (no more than 50% foreign investment):

    Energy-type battery (energy density 110Wh/kg, cycle life 2000 times), battery cathode material (specific capacity of 150mAh / g, 2000 times the cycle life of not less than 80% of the initial discharge capacity), battery separator (thickness 15-40m, porosity of 40% -60%);
 Battery management systems, motor management systems, electric vehicle electronic control integration;

    Electric vehicle drive motor (peak power density 2.5kW/kg, effective area: 65% of the work area efficiency 80%), automotive DC / DC (input voltage 100V-400V), high-power electronic devices (IGBT, voltage level 600V, current 300A);

    Plug-in hybrid drive system electromechanical coupling;

    Electric air conditioning, electric braking, electric power steering;

    Idle start-stop system;

    Wheel motor system, the fuel cell stack and components, automotive hydrogen storage systems, car chargers, non-vehicle charging equipment.

    Have written: Southern Reporter Lei Min

    R & D centers in China, parts and components based companies, including Delphi, Bosch, Visteon, and Continental Automotive Henkel

    Transnational parts enterprises in China, said the layout does not affect their

    National Development and Reform Commission jointly with the Ministry of Commerce recently on "Foreign Investment Industrial Guidance Catalogue" be revised. According to the draft, key auto parts new energy enterprises, foreign ownership to 50%. This is the country's first for new energy vehicles compared the key parts of the joint venture shares specified.

    Prior to the policy on the construction of parts enterprises in China foreign investment, particularly joint ventures do not share ratio restrictions, this policy revision will enable a large number of foreign auto parts enterprises affected.

    Insiders said that this provision will help protect domestic parts and components business development, will help China's auto industry in the new wave of energy vehicles to achieve transcendence. However, there are industry experts point out that this is tantamount to counterproductive and does not help China master the core technology of new energy vehicles.

    Within two years does not affect the planning of transnational giants in China

    In the just-concluded Shanghai Auto Show, Bosch, Continental, Delphi and other multinational giants parts, have exhibited their new energy and electric vehicles in the latest technology. Among them, the global auto parts giant Bosch Group to provide diversity in their vehicle power solutions, covering the gasoline direct injection systems, diesel common rail systems, hybrid and electric vehicle technology and other areas.

    -> Specifically for the design of hybrid and electric vehicle regenerative braking system "HAShev" will be in mass production in China during the year, the system for hybrid and electric cars braking performance and the special requirements of energy feedback to maximize the wheel the rotational energy into electricity and stored in batteries and electric vehicles for the process of starting and acceleration.

    Currently, Bosch has hybrid and electric vehicle powertrain system to establish a full range of product lines, including the core components of motors, power electronics controller, lithium-ion battery, charger, brake systems, body control, pumps, and various types of sensors required for electronic-driven.

    Bosch (China) Investment Ltd. Yu-Dong Chen said that in 2010, Bosch, through its joint venture in China within the United Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd. established the power-driven business, successfully launched two new energy vehicle technology pilot projects. Currently, the Bosch company in the joint venture owned 51%. By 2011, the business unit increased to more than 100 local employees.

    Yu-Dong Chen said, including the coaxial-type motor (IMG) and the separate motor (SMG), including the core component will be localized in mass production by 2012, these are the promotion of hybrid and electric vehicle technology, key components, coaxial motor (IMG) is designed for a single clutch or dual clutch designed parallel hybrid system.

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