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Japanese auto parts supply manufacturers have a large cut-off brewing in May

Japanese car parts supply business has been stretched, Toyota, Honda, Nissan Watson (microblogging) production will have to face a large area to reduce and stop production, the earthquake may be embodied in May. Japanese car makers, according to the disclosure of the latest news, including Toyota, Honda car dealers in Japan, including both have been released by the end of April to May of the shutdown plan, these car dealers have to slow down production by way of cut-off rhythm.

    May or stop production cuts are larger

    After the earthquake in Japan, with Toyota, Honda, a joint venture between two Japanese car makers Guangzhou Automobile seriously affected by the earthquake is the one of the car. Zeng Qinghong, Guangzhou Automobile Group, said recently that the earthquake does Japan's Guangzhou Automobile Group, a joint venture affect the production of the past two months some parts of the supply disruptions.

    Guangzhou Auto concern in the back of the two major Japanese car business is discontinued programs. Toyota Motors Corporation announced that due to supply of spare parts caused by the earthquake affected, decided to factories in China and parts to all car factory to adjust production plans. From 21 April to 6 3 (), the operating rate of all vehicle plants adjusted to the usual 50%, extreme cases may be adjusted to 30%, the production of parts factories also will be adjusted and the implementation of the original plan in July after the summer vacation is also adjusted to the end of April or early May the Executive. Factories in China after the June 6 production, confirm in real time parts availability and reasonable adjustments, arrangements for production plans. This means that Toyota will be the recent large-scale production. "Guangzhou Honda originally planned for production in May to expand, this project needs ten days, and now by the earthquake in Japan, parts supply problems, our plant is scheduled from 1 to 10, discontinued ten days." Yesterday, the Guangzhou Honda spokesman told reporters said, although Honda has been mobilized to meet the global stock market demand in China, but parts of China joint venture is still difficult to fully compensate for the shortfall.

    Mitsubishi Motors president today also said its factories in China, "the future could cut one to ten weeks." Car makers in China and Japan, only Nissan has not announced a large-scale cut-off plan, but cut its plans, Nissan has been canceled from the 3 end of the beginning of the overtime system in peacetime and holidays, and its production has been greatly reduced.

    Exports to Japan plunged parts shortages caused by

    Car dealers, according to information disclosed after the earthquake, Toyota did not supply about 500 kinds of parts, as at 18, reduced to 150; Nissan after the earthquake, about 40 parts manufacturers cut, to early April is about to resume production of about 20 . From the type of shortage, the current shortage of each major Japanese car makers are equipped with computer components and other semiconductor products. "These parts are very critical in the short term, it is difficult to find a replacement." Yesterday, a staff car prices in Japan told reporters the Japanese car makers in overseas market development, but still the core component technology on the domestic This is self-protection. So even after the earthquake, the Japanese car makers are unlikely to move out of these factories in Japan.

    Parts supplier led to a pause decrease in total Japanese exports, Japanese statistics released yesterday show that exports in March amounted to 5.866 trillion yen (about 70.85 billion U.S. dollars); imports amounted to 5.6695 trillion yen, up 11.9%, which is 15 months of consecutive growth year on year.

    If Toyota's global vehicle production in 2011 fell below 7 million a reality, it will be Toyota following the 2009 financial crisis (2009 annual output of 6.37 million) the biggest cut. U.S. supply chain research firm IHS recently released survey data predicted that if Japan can not resume normal production, two months after the earthquake, the worldwide auto production could fall more than 30%.
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