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ZF to invest heavily in BRIC countries

Shanghai International Motor Show in 2011, major manufacturers debut vehicle models, have adopted the ZF transmission and chassis technology. April 19, ZF press conference Tuesday, President Asia Pacific ZF ZF PeterOttenbruch Dr. President Dr. Ye Guohong Investment Co., Ltd. introduces the audience to the participants ZF technology and products, and ZF China The future development.

    BRIC countries as emerging economies are more and more attention. This reporter learned that ZF has economic and reliable transmission of commercial vehicles running to Brazil, Russia, India and China and other BRIC countries.

    Indian car manufacturer Tata's new Prima series trucks, using mechanical transmission ZF Ecomid, the transmission for medium-sized trucks, the torque range of 1000 ~ 1300N ˇ¤ m. 9-speed transmission is a ZF transmission commercial vehicles and special vehicles for the development of business long distance, transmission, transport logistics and engineering. This product has a strong capability, the advantages of shift comfort, and optimize the speed ratio, making the operation more economical; short shift travel and servo air power, making the shift more comfortable, the driver almost feel the shift while driving , the overall running smoothly. It is reported that this transmission has been tested in a foreign country, put into operation in 2013.

    Mechanical transmission in the Russian commercial vehicle market is demand. Most commercial vehicle transmissions on the market compared with mechanical transmission ZF Ecosplit, Ecomid features are reliable, easy to use, shift comfort. In this series, ZF products have been widely used in the Russian commercial vehicle market, covering a long distance, logistics, and engineering and other heavy vehicles. 16-speed transmission Ecosplit, a joint venture located in NaberezhnyeChelny ZF Kama localized production. Multi-gear, making a wider range of transmission ratio; transmission reliability and durability and their relatively low weight, its use of lower cost; low fuel consumption and low maintenance cost, long-term benefit to the team. Shorter shift stroke, make the operation more convenient. In 2010, ZF began Chelny production Ecomid the shafts and gears.

    The early ZF to invest in the Chinese market and cooperation. Foton Motor Co., Ltd. with the strategic cooperation, launched in September 2008. R & D cooperation in the common, the two sides will light commercial vehicle transmissions ZF 5S400 the adaptive changes to meet the needs of the Chinese market. According to reports, this specially developed 5S400 mechanical transmission will be produced in Hangzhou, Omar can be applied to light trucks.

    Used in urban and intercity buses ZF series of mechanical transmission ASTroniclite, for gross vehicle weight of 9 to 18 tons, the length of 9 ~ 12m, torque 1050N ˇ¤ m below the hybrid. This means that ASTroniclite can be used in city buses, bus, light trucks and vans, especially in regional and short-distance vehicles. New ZF ASTroniclite more suitable for light and medium passenger cars, because of better comfort, low fuel consumption, which means a better economy.

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