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Raw material market dynamics: the Australian iron ore cooperative projects signed

Steel prices in order to enhance the right to speak in iron ore imports, China has continuously increased the investment in Australia. Yesterday, China and Australia signed several cooperation agreements, including the State Development Bank and the Australian Mining Limited signed on Carrara Carrara approximately $ 600,000,000 iron ore project financing Framework Agreement popular attention. Industry experts believe that many domestic companies with foreign investment iron ore project, helping to cool the fever of the ore price.

    Guang, an analyst at the Joint metal iron sword told the author, Carrara half of China's iron ore project, in fact, "blood." "Back in 2006, Anshan Iron and Steel Group, a developer of mineral resources with the Australian listed company Jinda Metal Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement will be joint exploitation of iron ore Carrara, the parties will each hold 50% stake in the project." Information , Carrara iron ore project has recoverable reserves of iron ore exploration was 1.4 billion tons, the total estimated reserves of 20 million tons or more. After commissioning, the project will have annual output of 1,000 tons of refined ore capacity.

    "My iron and steel," said Xu Xiangchun, director of network information, "2010 China imported more than 600 million tons of iron ore, we can see, Carrara project development can not be fundamentally reverse the import of Chinese steel enterprises in the iron ore in the passive status. But in the iron ore supply is tight, three mines monopoly, the project will help expand China's steel prices of iron ore supply channel. "

    The same day, Baosteel Group Chairman Xu Lejiang economic and trade cooperation forum in Australia, said the surge in iron ore prices in recent years attracted a large number of investments in a number of years the formation of large capacity, supply and demand of iron ore could advance a reversal.

    In addition to iron ore cooperation, an agreement signed yesterday in Australia include the Australian Chinese Ministry of Science and Innovation, Ministry of Industry and Research Joint Ministerial Declaration, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia and Australia trade in services on the establishment of a memorandum of understanding to promote forum China General Administration of Customs and the Australian Federal Department of Customs and Border Protection mutual administrative assistance on customs cooperation and a memorandum of understanding, the Chinese National Tourism Bureau and the Australian Resources, Energy and Tourism to strengthen tourism cooperation memorandum of understanding.

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