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Metal stamping parts analytical development of three major issues

Metal products industry in the thirty years after the reform and opening up, showing a trend of rapid development, the enterprise to private ownership began to change as the main business location began to Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong and other early development of the market economy areas are concentrated in these areas the government began to realize the development of special industries for the government to increase revenue, is conducive to optimizing the industry structure is conducive to the employment of local residents and increase their income, is conducive to the sound development of regional economy, and therefore make great efforts create characteristic industry base.

    In accordance with the "Chinese hardware industry characteristics regional title of management" (revised draft) named in the approach to division: the existing hardware products of China are three, namely: China locks (Wenzhou), China Valve (Yuhuan) China buttons of all (bridge); Chinese hardware industry base eight, namely: China's industrial base metal products (Siu Lam), China (outlet) taps production base, production base of stainless steel products in China (new), China ( Wenzhou) metal lighter manufacturing base, China (Wenzhou) razor production base, China Hardware Products (Yuyao) production base, production base of China's export tool (Jinhua), wire mesh industry base of China (Anping); township of Chinese hardware (town) 3, namely: China zipper town (bridge), the hometown of hardware (Yong Kang), the hardware of the town (Daxin Town). According to Die, CEO Luo Baihui survey found that China metal stamping parts industry are the following main issues:

    A low degree of specialization, do not form a scale, economic efficiency

    Compared with the host metal stamping parts, business capital and technology inputs required to establish an initial relatively small, several countries experienced economic development period, a number of private enterprises are springing up to develop, but the market demand points, small batch do not form economies of scale. Most hardware manufacturers or the small and complete in itself large and low degree of specialization, and equipment level is not high, the quality of instability, low economic efficiency. China's motor industry, such as three large enterprise is less than the total annual output of micro-motors, a prominent foreign companies 50%. Past two years, thousands of local region into stamping factory, but annual output of 30 million more than only a few, the main products for agricultural support. The annual output of Germany Rexroth stamping products 1300000, Japan Oil Research (strain) is also an annual output of 600,000 or more. Per capita GDP of industrial countries die business for about 15 million to 20 million, of only 4 million to 5 million yuan. Luobai Hui pointed out that in recent years, with a variety of ownership and common development policies are implemented, the hardware industry is experiencing the gradual spread set by the intensive development process.

    Second, insufficient capital investment, research and development is weak

    Hardware industries of the 20th century the late 70s, early 80s to early introduction of a number of foreign advanced technology, but the lack of adequate digestion and absorption of hardware and software investment. According to foreign experience, required for digestion and absorption of imported technology and capital ratio is about 1:7, and our understanding of this late, slow digestion and absorption steps. Market competition is actually technical strength contest. Attach great importance to foreign countries, have increased investment, the occupying technical high ground. The name of the company for major research and development funds account for its sales of 4% to 5%, 10% in key areas. Although many institutions of higher learning in China is currently engaged in research work, a lot of theoretical research, scientific research, patents, papers are very high, but not tight integration with the actual production, in particular, into commercial products is slow.

    Third, the raw materials and related technology behind

    As fasteners, chains, springs, bearings, dies and other products used by the poor quality of domestic steel, variety specifications less direct impact on product quality stamping. Machine Components are generally bulk, mass production, there are many varieties, high precision machining products, and therefore requires high technology and equipment production, large investment. More efficient use of foreign high-precision plane, line or flexible lines, to achieve efficient automated production. However, some basic pieces of business by financial constraints, input and little corporate self-transformation ability, less advanced equipment not matching the quality of the product quality.
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