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Well-known overseas auto parts supplier are optimistic of China market

Chinese auto sales in the first quarter of this year remains a giant in the world, the global automotive industry continue to favor the Chinese market. In here, the largest held in the history of the Shanghai International Auto Show, the vehicle starting giants have launched spectacular cars and concept cars at the same time, many well-known foreign auto parts supplier, also effort to show their latest technology.

    As the world's leading automotive industry supplier of spare parts and technical solutions, Bosch at the auto show's leading automotive safety technology. Bosch Group Chairman Fulangcifei Run Bach said the 2011 Bosch will continue to increase investment in China, and its new plant in Suzhou will be built this year use; its foundation in the East China Sea summer Automotive Testing Technology Centre project will be completion by end 2012. In China, Bosch is committed to enhancing the field of vehicle safety research and development strength.

    The world's leading auto parts supplier Visteon Board of ϯ˹ر˹ said emerging markets are very optimistic about the auto industry, while China will be the future of the global car industry, the most important market, so in the show brings the latest Visteon car products and technologies. He also said the most worrying is the impact of the earthquake in Japan, Visteon auto parts in Japan, manufacturing plant by the impact of the earthquake, which impact on the future supply to be further evaluated.

    Commercial vehicles in the outdoor exhibition area, the European commercial vehicle has a strong development effort. MAN Heavy Duty Truck Group for the first time a joint exhibition with the Chinese heavy truck truck. World famous "Road of the King", the Swedish Scania trucks carrying the first series of attack Shanghai International Auto Show, the pickup truck "Red Pearl" is also a new appearance. According to the person in charge of Scania, based on confidence and rooted in the Chinese market long-term development strategy in China, Scania Group's decision last year to set up China's strategic center in China, at present its business in China smoothly.
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