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Brushless drive technology: improved vehicle emissions

In the brushless motor, the original use of mechanical brush conversion is replaced by electronically controlled switching system. In the absence of mechanical wear, in addition to improving the life of the motor also reduces the noise outside. Due to the cancellation of the traditional brush, brushless system, so a shorter and lighter. In addition, the brushless motor has better electromagnetic compatibility, allows the vehicle to avoid interference with the operation of digital systems.

    Brushless-driven cooling fan assembly

    Brushless motor can be well applied to the cooling fan assembly. They can improve the efficiency and ten percent weight loss than conventional motor of about 400 grams. When the vehicle is running at full capacity, a reduction of about 3 grams per kilometer of carbon dioxide emissions.

    Brose's product lines include a range of 200 to 1,000 watts of power the motor. 200 to 400 watts of low-volume product range, using the integrated electronic component with inner rotor brushless motor (IRBL3). Efficiency of more than 80% in the same weight but only 1,300 grams.

    Electric power steering system

    Another successful mechanical and electrical solution is electric power steering system. In this area, Brose development and manufacture of the implementation of the motor. So far, the steering system is usually based on hydraulic mechanics. These systems must maintain a constant oil pressure, which means that even if the driver does not turn the steering wheel, they also consume energy. The working principle of electro-mechanical systems are different, they turned to only when needed to provide power, accounting for less than 5% of the total time, which can reduce the 7 grams per kilometer of carbon dioxide emissions. At the same time, rare earth permanent magnet materials can reduce the weight of 30% of the motor, which is one of the reasons to save energy. In addition, less wear and tear due to mechanical parts, electrical and mechanical steering system for a long service life.

    "Featherweight" air conditioning fan

    In order to reduce power consumption, improve efficiency, Brose also used in air conditioning fan drive brushless motor. These motors are more efficient than conventional motors by about 80%. In addition to lighter and more compact, which come in the operation can reduce the two amps of current.

    Shanghai International Motor Show in 2011, Brose will show on the ultra-light air-conditioning fan derivatives research. The application of rare earth permanent magnet materials makes the establishment of a complete fan system possible, including the length of only 110 mm, weight of 1,000 grams of electronic components. Compared with traditional solutions, which would reduce the length of 60 mm and about one kilogram of weight. Brose's air conditioning fan can be installed in space to the designer more freedom.

    Actuator motor drive

    In the automated manual gearbox, electronically controlled gear shift mechanism to ensure that the best time, which will help to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Brose further the development of smaller, more efficient drive actuator, the brushless motor design improves durability of the product. This generation of new products, Another advantage is its high degree of standardization and supplier of industrial design experience in bulk supply for many years.
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