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New Energy Stock Watch the interests of foreign auto parts and half and half

Development of new energy vehicles not only to solve the problem of vehicle integration, more importantly, is to establish a new energy industry, key auto parts chain. China is currently being revised "Guidance Catalogue for Foreign Investment Industries" are comments. According to reports, the draft, encourage foreign investment in key parts of new energy vehicles, and vehicle manufacturing are no longer included in the encouraged projects. With the new energy vehicles to support the implementation of policies and new energy vehicles will usher in the golden period of development.

    The draft which encouraged an increase in the number of new industries associated with strategic projects. Draft increase of cars, motorcycles and other lightweight and environmentally friendly materials, the R & D and manufacturing; in special equipment manufacturing industry which increased the car battery production equipment design and manufacturing; in transportation equipment manufacturing industry, the increased key components of new energy vehicles.

    Su Bo, Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry said that the development of new energy automotive components development, should accelerate the development of automotive electronic control systems and automotive electronics, and actively support the development of new energy auto parts. Encouraged to have a certain core technologies and economies of scale backbone enterprises of auto parts cross-regional mergers and acquisitions, the formation of large parts enterprise groups. Conditions of regional development support auto parts industry cluster, car companies and parts manufacturers to encourage the joint development of auto parts products, to establish an open and fair competition, supporting multi-level multi-channel system components.

    , China's new energy industry is still in its infancy stage, the overall level is relatively low. There are many new energy vehicles, especially the core parts and components. China's new energy auto industry is still very young, despite two decades has been rapid development of automobile industry, but compared to the massive foreign history of experience, China is still in the infant period. China's new energy market potential is enormous, but the whole lack of technical reserves, and there is no integrated technology platform for the establishment of new energy sources around the league more in order to get subsidies for joint research and development is not, nor has the basis for joint research and development. Manufacturers do not want to invite R & D joint parts enterprises, such a result is the key component of the R & D costs daunting, put into a high - low production levels - high cost loop.

    According to statistics, in automotive electronics, engines, transmissions and other key areas of the market share of foreign control as much as 90%, while the vast majority of Chinese auto parts enterprises are concentrated in low-tech, low levels of low-profit areas, the price is almost become the only means of competition businesses.

    Chinese hope for in the new energy automotive industry to achieve corners overtaking on the road, but not the actual new energy-related technologies to force, can not keep up. If you encourage foreign auto parts into new areas of energy, although the rapid increase of new energy vehicles for technology, new energy automotive industry. However, the Chinese auto parts industry and in technology lagging behind. The market for a new round of technology will occur again shell. We can not practice with the market for technology, the final result, the market lost, technology did not learn.

    China's auto parts industry long-term "re-light zero" of the inertia caused by the weak parts of the state is not strong, and in the new energy situation in the fast-growing parts of the road how to overcome the "stuck key technologies" and "the whole zero lack of coordination "is particularly important.
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