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Ford cars to temporarily suspend production of three parts shortages spread to Europe and America car prices

In addition to Japanese cars and spare parts supply shortage of a domino effect to the European and American cars continue to expand the enterprise. Japan, the impact of earthquakes on the global auto industry is still not reached the worst level, after the second quarter of the domestic industry that cut 300,000 cars will be so, but in the second quarter auto production will probably increase by 100 million vehicles.

    Recently, Ford announced that Nanjing, China, Taiwan and South Africa from the three plants from the April 25 week maintenance shutdown, but Ford plans global production target unchanged. Ford Motor China's head of public relations related to hairiness told reporters that this is to ensure that the next parts supply, in addition, Ford will be its North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific region ahead of schedule maintenance shutdown.

    Suspension of production of three cars

    According to Automotive News the news, as key components missing issues, Ford Motor plant in Nanjing, China needs production for a week, stop vehicles for the new Fiesta, Ma 2 Ma 3 four-door models, and models. Changan Ford Mazda Nanjing plant is not only the production of new Fiesta, also produces Ma 2 and Ma 3 models.

    Prior to this, Changan Ford has started to decrease from April a new production of Carnival.

    "The new 6500 Carnival usually available about a month, but April and May are reduced to 3500." Shanghai Parents An Fute a dealership sales Mr. Gu Wenzhang told reporters, "not only affect production of the new Fiesta, Focus and Mondi Some color models in Europe are also affected supply. these two models are using Dupont paint coating from a factory in Japan, the plant is located about 30 km near the earthquake zone. "

    JDPower Zengzhi Ling, director of China Market forecast that, "Ford said stop is not surprising, Ford and Mazda cooperation so many years, some of Ford suppliers and Mazda is shared."

    Ford discontinued the terminal in the market yet apparent.

    "Now all Ford models did not change much market conditions, price, and almost past. Now the automobile market is not good, more competitive products." Shanghai Parents An Fute a dealership sales manager, told reporters, "but if the manufacturers for goods continued to decline, then, the model offers a range of price reduction is inevitable, and this depends on changes in market supply and demand. "

    Cut 1 million in the second quarter

    Japan's earthquake on the impact of the global automotive industry continued to expand although, but still far not yet reached the worst of times.

    According to public information disclosure, the Japanese parts supply shortage has affected the production of PSA Peugeot Citroen in Europe, primarily supporting the electronic system with the diesel engine; the gearbox stock imported from Japan dropped, Renault Samsung Motors plant in Busan, South Korea recently from the abolition of overtime, on a Saturday cut-off; the French PSA Group, part of the plant halted production; Ford Motor lucky star, Escape, MKZ and other key components of hybrid electric vehicle supply disruptions.

    "Now is not the most difficult automotive supply when the stock still digesting various OEMs, May and June the situation is hard to say." Zengzhi Ling told reporters.

    "Second quarter sales estimated to be reduced by 50 million vehicles, parts and components from Japan quake missing key factors, will directly lead to the second quarter (domestic) auto production decreased by 100 million vehicles." Joint secretary general of the National Passenger Car Rao told reporters.
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