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Affected by the earthquake, Nissan will strengthen the depth of the localization of components

Although by the early parts of the Japanese earthquake, but the effect is slightly adjusted in 2011 in the Chinese market annual sales of 1.15 million vehicles forecast has not changed.

    He also said that the earthquake comes, it better do a good job for us is a good opportunity. Let's focus on the earthquake depth of the supply chain, not just localized. We also discussed, such a depth of localization is not enough. What is the depth of it? For example, localization of suppliers in China, but there is another supplier of supplier partners, the supplier is not in China, so there will be a problem. The future, we will do the depth of the localization is very deep, very good.

    On the electric vehicles, Ghosn said that he would share the electric vehicle technology and wind, in order to better achieve sales of electric cars in China. He said, EV electric vehicle market is now only a small part, from the statistical data show that in 2010, sold 73 million vehicles, only 20,000 are electric vehicles. We feel that at least a decade, the scope of the global market which, electric vehicles could account for 10% of the share.

    The growth rate for the automobile market, Ghosn said that the future expected market more stable, sustainable growth, such as 7% -8% growth. So that enterprises can better meet the needs of sales and provide better service

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