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Emission reduction of body parts molding technology, higher demands

With the energy crisis intensified energy saving technology vehicles become very hot topics at home and abroad. Lightweight should be an effective means of energy conservation, whether traditional or new energy vehicles vehicle, its weight, weight loss is the topic we are facing. With each car to reduce fuel consumption 10% reduction of 6% to 8%, this problem has been the various domestic and foreign auto companies are highly valued.

    Precision manufacturing for the new vehicle development time and provide technical support

    Automotive emission reduction technology for automobile manufacturing now put forward higher requirements for this urgent need in the new material forming, including some new material, or material connection, the entire manufacturing process quality control techniques how to breakthroughs, to adapt to our entire future lightweight body manufacturing. Plastic mold and metal, according to international industry leader Luo Baihui Suppliers Association introduced the main body panels are stampings, automotive sheet metal stamping and forming the design, including technology. Trend of stamping structural development will be more holistic, local functions of local enhanced aspects, such as hot stamping of the local hardening, ranging from materials and some special end surface of the molding. Molding process of integration and centralization, the hot press molding and rapid prototyping aspects of speeding will be a trend. Another trend is the flexible molding equipment, such as some incremental forming equipment, Roll Forming and so on. In materials, more and more critical of high strength steel, the first generation is based on ferrite system, the second generation based on austenite, the third generation is martensite. China Baosteel lot of research, the third generation is a leading international level. In the molding of the key technologies warm forming, hydraulic forming, flexible package edge technology, stamping die design.

    With the growing strength of automobile steel sheet, high temperature in molding more difficult. So hot forming may be the future direction of development. Challenges in the inside is how the process of forming and molding process in how to process optimization, and later re-cooling system technology.

    In the lightweight hydraulic molding of certain application has been at home and abroad. This is a technical challenge facing the inside of the molding process in homogeneous materials it is not how to assess, as well as hot forming and shaping how the hydraulic coupling inheritance. There are aspects of high pressure equipment.

    Flexible package edge technology, especially the application of the edge of the door of the package the problems encountered in the molding process of forming its quality, such as wrinkling, springback, the crack at how to control, because material is cyclic loading, That is how the mechanical behavior analysis, including how to predict fracture, or the shape of the path planning process piping.

    Stamping in the mass production process of robust design which is particularly important. After a good mold design, mold trial period will not be much of a problem, the time when mass production, how to get under his bulk molding quality is good, this is an important issue encountered. So in this need for some research work there.

    The challenge here is to process the material and the statistical analysis features, meaning it is in the process of forming a variety of experimental models of how to determine, as well as stability analysis and molding process optimization techniques.

    Around the side of a car factory molding process of robust design. Side around the car is very important, complex parts. Requirements of the No cracking, no wrinkles, while ensuring a relatively high lateral stiffness around the surface. This is the shape of the pre-production stage, it will make the mold problem may be relatively high in pre-production stage, we can first of all for this problem the parameters of the molding process, including identification of its major parameters and secondary parameters. On this basis, can be formed in different parts of the process: If the A zone, B District, the regional parameters such as sensitivity analysis, identify the most sensitive parameters. Forming quality of wrinkling, cracking and sensitive parameters of the relationship, optimization on this basis to determine its optimal, or most robust molding process parameters. Based on the optimization of mold can and try to adjust the model parameters, such as adjusting the blank holder force, to adjust the scope of the material right and wrong, and modify the materials pass the initial rough hole through which the original design to make the relatively high rejection rate case the situation down to a lower, less than 1%.
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