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Parts shortage caused discontent tire safety disturbing

The first quarter of China's automobile product quality and service quality complaints analysis report released recently, the reporter can see from this data, in the first quarter vehicle complaint service problems, the most controversial parts supply time; from the tire problems were revealed, the user tires cause or hidden problems and is very sensitive, many owners said, even if the current tires no exception, but the future is still very worried about security issues.

    Spare parts supply for too long

    This reporter learned that the first quarter of 2011, a total of 3062 cases of complaints received by vehicle users, of which 2701 cases of an effective complaint. One vehicle complaint service problems, is still mostly concentrated in the hot repair and replacement of accessories, such as parts shortages and poor quality parts.

    Analysis showed that replacement parts caused the most controversial issues, accounting for 23.5%, of which nearly half was due to long lead time parts supply; with the same period last year, service attitude and charges have increased the proportion of disputes; In addition, other aspects of complaints accounted for 32.6%, mainly in the service station owners that the delay in solving the problem of vehicles, repeated bad repair, or that the service station or the manufacturer can not actively take responsibility for customer service to give proper reply to worry about the future is still not completely solve the problem hidden and so on.

    Supply of spare parts will be more intense

    Spare parts supply for too long and have a certain relationship between the earthquake in Japan, the South China Sea together Fu 4S shop market department, told reporters: "Not only are Japanese models, even the U.S. Department of cars are also affected, as I shop in the Fox [Review Photo Forum ] need some spare parts imported from Japan. 'May Day' holiday after the expected supply of spare parts will be more tension, which will lead to some consumers complain that the supply of spare parts for too long. "

    U.S. Department of cars are plagued with this situation, not to mention Japanese cars? Xiongfeng Infiniti 4S shop market department, told reporters: "I shop ready supply of spare parts is usually three months, 'May', after the holiday, not only the supply of spare parts will be tight, and even some models also will be out of stock. "reporter imported from other Japanese brands and store a similar understanding of the situation.

    Japanese joint-venture brands, there are still a lot of the current car, a reporter from the Nissan 4S stores Xiongfeng Marketing understand that the store is now two months to have done a lot of car sales. "Although there are cars, but still be affected by this year (Japan earthquake) affected." Shop head of marketing, said.

    Owners concerned about tire safety problems

    Suffered from tire problems came to light, the owner who caused the tire problems and risks or very sensitive. Last month this reporter conducted an interview specifically, some car owners to disclose to reporters: "Although no abnormal own car tires, but still on more worried about the safety of the future." Complaints from the published data analysis of complaints in this area more concentrated in the joint venture brands of compact cars, including drum kits, cracking, puncture, non-normal wear and tear and other issues.

    Press to remind owners, be sure to select the quality standards of the tires and change them regularly. Puncture caused by many reasons, tire performance degradation is the culprit. When the tire gradually wear, steel layer gradually fatigue, aging of the tread, its performance will inevitably diminish. Always check tire pressure, including the spare tire pressure, driving at a high temperature do not let the tire pressure is too high. Do not travel frequently hard acceleration, emergency braking and emergency steering is not normal driving, otherwise it would cause deformation of the tire a sharp, easy to wear too fast, causing tire burst.

    Reporter saw in the report, complaints of vehicles in the first quarter, the vehicle in question within two years of complaints Jiucheng account, it is worth noting that appears within 1 month of product quality or service problems car complaints accounted for the total the amount of Jinsan Cheng. Reflects the many problems and electrical accessories for the body, such as uneven color paint, exhaust noise, instrument display is not normal, as well as engines, transmissions and other important components appear abnormal noise or jitter.

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