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Auto Parts & Paint is still the monopoly of the core technology in Japan

<SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=ý͸¶˴ձһķձҵιؼԭϡԪ¢ϳ̶֮ߡ style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fff" onmouseout="'#fff'">Media revealed that the Japanese seismic An unexpected finding is the key to Japanese companies in the upstream raw materials, components, high degree of monopoly. At present, the electronic control components, electronic control module and the three key parts automatic transmission, the world is almost monopolized by Japan, both Japanese car or European and American cars are very much dependent on Japan.

    To car paint, for example, Ford Motor Company, said, called "Xirallic" the paint material has been provided by the Japanese suppliers, the raw material is painted black and red an important part. The paint supply emergency, Ford has limited color tuxedo black book of large pickup trucks, will reduce the use of the proportion of red paint.

    For the Japanese auto parts and auto paint on the core technology monopoly, in a recent article published in the media that: "Japan was to accelerate the transfer of manufacturing to China, signs, different from the past, has been regarded as highly confidential and closed in Japan it's core technology, part or will be transferred to China. "Some people even think the Japanese industrial transfer will be to promote China's industrial structure optimization and upgrading of the favorable external factors.

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