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The first quarter of 2011, Mercy Corps region exported more than 340 million sets of bearings

According to Ningbo customs statistics, more than a quarter of total exports Tsz region 340 million sets of bearings, valued at $ 110,000,000, an increase of 18.1%, respectively, 35.5%, exports accounted for the same period of Ningbo City, bearing 74.6% of total exports, this is the area of ​​more than Ci Bearing the fourth consecutive quarter exports in million U.S. dollars to maintain the level above.

    The main export market for the EU ($ 28,672,000), India ($ 21,135,000) and U.S. ($ 12,238,000). Export unit price of 0.3 U.S. dollars / set, indicating that the export of products to low-end, miniature bearings main bearings in high-end performance, accuracy, other aspects of life and the international level there is still a certain gap may be recommended to continue to occupy the International Miniature Bearings market share, we must also develop high-end bearings of the R & D and industrialization.
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