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China and Australia signed a $ 600,000,000 financing agreement of iron ore

<SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=26գԺ¼ұĴ¾˻̸ style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fff" onmouseout="'#fff'">26, Premier Wen Jiabao at the Great Hall and held talks with Australian Prime Minister Gillard. <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title≠ϯй˫ߺļǩʽ style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fff" onmouseout="'#fff'">After the talks, the two prime ministers attended the signing on ceremony for bilateral cooperative documents.

    <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=ڴ˺аľó̳ϣ±ʾĴǻӭйҵͶʣϣйҵͶʻ style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fff" onmouseout="'#fff'">In the next Forum on China-Australia economic and trade cooperation, Gilad said that Australia welcomes Chinese enterprises to invest in, and hope that the Chinese government to improve foreign investment environment. <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=Ĵӵ72ȷչҪԴĿֵԼ1300ڰԪ³ƣй˾Ͷʡ onmouseout="'#fff'">"Australia has 72 major resource development is a priority project, worth about 130 billion Australian dollars." Gilad said, "Many Chinese companies to invest there."

    <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=йԺǿ̳ϱʾƶԴԴȶսԹϵƶʩΪ㡣 onmouseout="'#fff'">Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang said in the forum to promote bilateral cooperation in energy and resources to establish long-term stable strategic relations and promote bilateral cooperation in the field of infrastructure as a new growth point. <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=ǿʾӦƶóͶɻͱ style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fff" onmouseout="'#fff'">Li also said, should promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation. <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=ֿšӵߣͬΪҵ칫ƽû onmouseout="'#fff'">Adhere to the open, non-discriminatory policy, the two companies together to create a favorable environment for fair competition. <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=ϣķΪҵڵйҵͶṩ style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fff" onmouseout="'#fff'">Australia hopes to include state-owned enterprises, including various types of enterprises in China to facilitate investment in Australia. <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=⣬Ӧƶóػƽ衣 onmouseout="'#fff'">In addition, mechanisms should also promote the building of economic and trade cooperation. <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=Ӵֳ»ãʵľƶа˫ó̸ȡʵԽչͬó¾档 style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fff" onmouseout="'#fff'">From the overall situation, mutual understanding and promote the spirit of pragmatic bilateral free trade area negotiations and Australia made substantial progress, work together to create a new situation in economic and trade cooperation.

    <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=ĴǻӭйͶ onmouseout="'#fff'">Australia welcomes Chinese investment

    <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=йͶܵĴǵĻӭǵͶίԱᣨFIRB׼ĿϾͿԿڱеаľó̳ϣ±ʾͬʱ style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fff" onmouseout="'#fff'">"China welcomes investment by the Australian, from our Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) continually on the number of approved project proposals can be seen." Yesterday in Beijing at the China-Australia economic and trade cooperation forum, Gilad said, "At the same time <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=ĴҲѰľͶʣеȻй style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fff" onmouseout="'#fff'">Australia is also seeking more foreign investment, which of course includes China. "

    <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=¿еFIRBһΪĴṩͶ߽ѯ onmouseout="'#fff'">Girard mouth of the FIRB is a leading Australian foreign investment policy of the federal government advisory body recommendations.

    <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=FIRBϣڰĴֱͶʵⷽˣǷͶߡǷӦ׼ṩȻɲվ style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fff" onmouseout="'#fff'">FIRB on the hope that foreign direct investment in Australia to review applications and to the relevant application is consistent with Government policy of foreign investment, should be approved to provide advice to the Minister of Finance and the Minister responsible for making the final decision. <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=ڴǰĶй԰ͶУҵչĴԴҵFIRBһϡ onmouseout="'#fff'">Prior to a number of Australian investment in China, many Chinese enterprises in the acquisition of Australian resource companies have been stuck in the FIRB was shut.

    <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=ڴǰаĹϵ2Уаý屨ƣFIRB˽ѾϣڶйưĴսԴһDZηյĵǣüܻйͶ߲ȡ style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fff" onmouseout="'#fff'">Sino-Australian relations in the previous 2 years of turmoil, there are Australian media reported that, FIRB has admitted privately, out of Chinese control of strategic resources of Australia's concerns about the potential political risks, the regulators have taken against the Chinese investors <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=ԵĶơ onmouseout="'#fff'">of containment.

    <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=˴μ·ûΪаĹϵ׻ůһҪʡ onmouseout="'#fff'">Thus, the Girard's visit to China-Australia relations are considered to be completely warmed up after an important visit.

    <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=˵ĴǵĹҪаάֻϵʾʵǣй˰Ĵķ֮һijڲƷĴйߴó׻顣 onmouseout="'#fff'">Girard said: "Australia's national interests to maintain a positive relationship between China and Australia." She also said that the reality is that China has purchased a quarter of Australia's exports, Australia is China's seventh largest trading partner.

    <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=ĿǰйѳΪĴǵһó׻顣 onmouseout="'#fff'">At present, China has become Australia's largest trading partner. <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=йͳƣ2010а˫óܶΪ880.9Ԫijɰ롣 style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fff" onmouseout="'#fff'">According to Chinese customs statistics, Sino-Australian bilateral trade in 2010 amounted to $ 88,090,000,000, an increase of four into the half. <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=⣬йĴó˳γԱȵǣаóУзﵽ336.4Ԫ onmouseout="'#fff'">In addition, the large trade surplus with China in stark contrast, trade in Australia, China deficit reached 33.64 billion U.S. dollars.

    <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=ݱһĴǹ飬75%İĴΪйõľ԰ĴͬʱҲн֮ΪĴǵܵйӰ𺦡 style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fff" onmouseout="'#fff'">According to Australia this week released a public opinion poll, 75% of Australians believe that China's economic growth beneficial to Australia; but there are nearly two-thirds of people think that Australia's interests to expand China's influence will be damage.

    <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=ԴˣصرʾĴûбҪһչй onmouseout="'#fff'">In this regard, Gila Dirt expressed that Australia did not need to worry about a booming China. <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=Ҳƣϣйָĸ↑ţʹ˾Ͷʵķɻ style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fff" onmouseout="'#fff'">But she also says it hopes China continues to reform and improve the legal environment for foreign companies to invest. <SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=˵һġɿķɺͼƶȻ輫⽫һƶǵľûϵ style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ebeff9" onmouseout="'#fff'">She said: "A clear, reliable legal and regulatory system will provide great convenience, which will further our economic partnership."

<SPAN onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=˵һġɿķɺͼƶȻ輫⽫һƶǵľûϵ style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ebeff9" onmouseout="'#fff'">The article above is transfered from glow plug, and spark plug


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