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The development of of large and medium tractors in 2011 was eight trends

China's major tractor manufacturers and sales of various types of large and medium tractors 31,600 units, an increase of 5.09%. Which the domestic market 29,200 units, an increase of 2.26%; export market sales 2286 units, a substantial increase in growth of 65.29%. January this year, the market performance of large and medium tractors released to market signals: consolidation continues to perform high drama. Throughout the development process throughout the year, or will appear in eight major trends.

    Trend one: stick to the high, sustained correction.

    China's rapid development in recent years and medium-sized tractor market, showing a strong expansion momentum. In particular, since 2004, growth in agricultural subsidies each year to promote, the development of rapid, continuous double-digit growth in 6 years the rapid growth, the highest increase of 91.4% by 2005. Since 2006, annual sales of 20 million to build a high platform bed, then although the decrease in 2008, an increase of the phenomenon occurred, but annual sales remain high. 2009, 10 consecutive years hovering in the high 30 million units, an increase of decline, indicating a high level consolidation of China's large and medium tractors to come.

    The formation of high consolidation are many reasons, the following noteworthy for several reasons.

    First, the market less rigid requirements. Large and medium tractors in China through the 2005 to 2010 for 6 years running high, the market to maintain rapid growth, as of 2010 is approaching 400 million units. With the sharp increase in ownership, operation time to reduce the tractor, resulting in two results: one farmer's tractor diminishing returns, and second tractor to extend the life cycle, updates slowed down, thereby constraining the market continued to expand.

    Second, the harvester tractor pull on the lower and medium-sized. Combine harvesters in China in recent years showing a momentum of rapid development in 2009, there Biao volume. Although the growth rate in 2010 fell, but the market consumption is still high. While the market structure has also undergone significant changes, including the rapid development of self-propelled harvester, harvesters to decline backpack, which the market pull of large and medium tractors in the lower.

    Trends: Export wonderful still, or will exceed 2008 levels.

    China's large and medium tractors last year, has resumed growth, this year in January, another impressive performance, an increase of up to 65.29%, beginning the year, China's export market growth in large and medium tractors off.

    Wheeled tractors from China's export development process of analysis, can be described as ups and downs in recent years, China tractor market in 2009 under the impact of the financial crisis, exports of diving. China Tractor Export in 2010, a period of full recovery, but not yet returned to its highest level in 2008, in the resumption of growth stage. Thus, we can conclude, as the world economic recovery and China's competitive advantage wheeled tractors increased in 2010 to seize the large and medium tractors in China will be a year of lost exports, will show a substantial growth.

    Three trends: increasing competition, concentration or high impact.

    Medium-sized tractor market in China in recent years showing a trend of accelerated integration, market concentration in 2010 to further increase sales of the top five of the China First Tractor, Foton Lovol International Heavy, wind farm machinery, Deere Ningbo and manufacturer Mahindra occupied Yueda Yancheng a full share of 72.7%, year on year increase of nearly 1 percentage point, highlighting the characteristics of high concentration.

    2011 large and medium tractors in China market will appear the following characteristics: First, to start around the competition for resources in agricultural subsidies; second, the means of competition are embodied in public relations, the second around the brand, once again is the price competition; s Third, market competition further intensified polarization, and further accelerate the integration of tractor industry; fourth, the fierce market competition will drive down corporate profits. For example, new entrants want to win a place in the market, which is likely to occur with the existing business and market share of raw materials, competition, leading the industry in reducing the current level of corporate profits, the worst case, but also to promote the industry reshuffle.

    Trend four: large tractor high.

    In recent years, the main model of medium-sized tractors from 25 hp to 40 hp gradual transition. More obvious changes in large tractor, an annual rate of increase of 10 horsepower increase, from 50 horsepower up to last year's 90,100 horsepower. January of this year on the extension of this trend and further enhance, an increase of 100 42.93% 130 hp; 130 to 160 horsepower to a 117.27 percent increase; 160 horsepower more than the rate of increase is as high as 170.69%.

    2011, China's large tractor market, the market will present the following characteristics: First, the benefits of agricultural policies under the influence of large tractor market in China will be running high; second, Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and the provinces of the Central Plains will be the Our main demand of large tractor market area; Third, agricultural cooperative organizations and the rise of large agricultural machinery, for the past two years, the development of a large drag provides an inexhaustible motive force, motive to buy these consumer groups is to use agricultural business activities carried out by The decision to buy a tractor to their large mainly because the large tractor work efficiency and higher quality; fourth largest tractor trailer market represents the development direction of our country, with the change in the form of agricultural land and agricultural machinery and agricultural cooperative organizations the rapid development of large, and the guidance of agricultural subsidies, the next few years, China's large tractor market will usher in a new round of growth.

    Therefore, the development of large tractor will appear three prominent characteristics: First, the total market demand will remain high; Second, growth will decline; third is the internal structure was further optimized, horsepower demand upward.
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