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Japan earthquake affected parts of China's auto industry Japanese cars appear out of stock1

Japanese earthquake and resulting tsunami, the disaster of nuclear leaks to the Japanese automobile industry in trouble, but also the formation of the impact of the global automotive industry. Hardest hit by the earthquake in northeastern Japan, the region focused on the automobile, nuclear power, petrochemical, semiconductor, and other important industrial plants, economies of scale about the Japanese gross domestic product (GDP) of about 8%. With the continuous spread of secondary disasters after the earthquake, Japan earthquake impact on the global auto industry is emerging.

    Japanese car market, the erosion of preferences

    Market in Shenyang Automotive, a joint venture of Japanese auto dealers said, although stocks were normal, but only enough sales of about 1 month. Because serious out of stock, the price of imports of Japanese cars has increased from 10,000 to 20,000 yuan. GTMC wide passage, said Toyota's Guangzhou Automobile inventory is normal, but not now import Toyota cars Alpha, Jason Goodrich [Review Photo Forum] tight supply. Hao Lun cars Plaza Shenyang situation is affected by the earthquake, Infiniti output cut, cars are rarely present.

    Tight supply market, not just imported Japanese models, but also including some major brands of a joint venture of Japanese cars. Albert Liaoning Road Safety Group is responsible for claims affected by the Honda CR-V will be larger, the Civic [Review Photo Forum] now also reduces the margin of preference, some joint-venture model has reduced the discount rate from 3000 to 5000 yuan.

    Earthquake aftershocks transmitted to the field of automobile production in China, April 21, China Automobile Industry Association and the National Bureau of Statistics China Economic Monitoring Center in Shanghai, jointly issued a quarter of China's automobile industry climate index: a quarter of China's auto industry boom Composite Index 102.2, indicating that the high end of the automotive industry is running into the steady growth; China's automobile industry early warning index was 106.7, which range from the hot side, down to the normal range; entrepreneur confidence index of Chinese auto industry was 98.8, indicating that the future of the automotive industry is expected to entrepreneurs not optimistic.

    Manufacturers to adjust production plans joint venture

    Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hino, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu and other eight Japanese auto makers recently announced that it would temporarily close factories in Japan, because the supply of spare parts after the earthquake, blocked, and the need for equipment to be checked.

    In addition, the Japanese government decided on April 5, the number of days in the area to the Tokyo Electric Power Company Limited telephone order issued by large companies to reduce electricity demand, which will directly affect the operations are highly dependent on electricity for motor vehicles and parts production plant , resulting in China's domestic Japanese cars and parts inventory shortage supply disruptions.

    Honda ECU is located in hard-hit manufacturing enterprises, though resumption of production, but because of time off, the normal production can not be guaranteed. This has affected wide of the. Although wide localization of the higher models, but even spare parts made in China has been achieved there are some parts which are imported from Japan.

    Recently, Toyota in its official website on its business in China informed of the situation: As the parts supply difficulties caused by the earthquake, after consultation with its partners, decided to factories in China and parts to all car factory to adjust production plans . Specifically, the June 3 date, all vehicle factory operating rate was adjusted to 50% of normal, extreme cases may be adjusted to 30% of the production of parts factories also will be adjusted, but the original plan July after the implementation of the summer vacation also adjusted to the end of April or early May the Executive.

    Enterprises launched the emergency mechanism

    Japanese earthquake on the world, including the tremendous impact of China's auto market has begun to appear, the Secretary-General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, said Yang Dong, Japan earthquake impact on China auto industry "can not be underestimated." "China imports parts from Japan, 20% of total imports, the size is large.

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