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Auto parts industry to find new opportunities

April 21, 2011, the fourteenth session of the Shanghai International Auto Industry Exhibition opened. Including Bosch, Johnson Controls, Continental, ThyssenKrupp, ZF, Delphi, Honeywell, Faurecia Group, Borg Warner, Eaton Group, United States Dana, TRW, ArvinMeritor, DENSO, Aisin, Visteon, and many other well-known parts manufacturers, including, in the current Shanghai Auto Show brings the latest technology.

    Find the "China opportunity"

    Auto parts enterprises exhibitors this initiative and the 2009 Shanghai International Motor Show in sharp contrast. At that time, the international financial crisis under the shadow of the global automotive industry, many well-known absence of international auto parts enterprises, as when the session of the Shanghai Motor Show a big regret.

     But this does not show that the Shanghai auto show in these parts enterprises unattractive. Correlation analysis, said: "This happens quite common. First of all, the five International Auto Show, the exhibitors have less parts. After all, large vehicle auto show directly to consumers, while parts enterprises The audience is professionals, had the effect of auto show to take part in such as exchange-based component technology development. in the international financial crisis, parts suppliers have been hit more than automobile companies, then they need to start more careful assessment of the value of participation. "

    Two years later, this year's Shanghai auto show has two pavilions and outdoor commercial vehicle parts, tires and sound galleries, lively scene has completely deserted the previous archive. China's auto market, prospects for sustained and stable development, as well as China's auto industry to tackle the financial crisis of the positive performance and further strengthened these parts companies in China looking for opportunities to develop new confidence.

    Delphi Asia Pacific President and President of China, Mr. Yi Bobin China attaches importance to the development of the market, he said, Delphi Since entering the China market, will be the localization of R & D strategy in China as a whole, one of the core. In 2010, Delphi for the Chinese market with the first low-cost, high-value intelligent parking assist system, the original high-end models of its kind Intelligent Park Assist system is expected in the middle and low-end models are applied .

    Parts of these well-known multinational companies in China, compared to years of hard work, some small companies are also actively looking for international parts to enter the Chinese markets, they expect to display products through auto show and meet new customers.

    Display "Global Trends"

    Future trends in the automotive industry, a large part depends on the parts of the development. Therefore, in the show, in addition to the international design trends released by car companies, parts manufacturers is to bring attention to what technological change. Although these techniques seem to us a bunch of boring data and engineering terms, but each new technology, are hidden to promote the automobile industry a huge boost possible.

    Auto parts exhibition, what we actually see? The world's leading supplier of electronic products and technologies Delphi, specially at the Shanghai Auto Show will be held in a technical note. Its team of experts tell us: "The car safety, environmental protection and to maintain connectivity is related to the future development of automotive technologies of the three areas of focus."

    In the field of automotive safety, Delphi Electronics & Safety Division, Asia Pacific senior product development engineer Kong Hongzhi said: "The trend in vehicle safety, has been the transition from passive safety to active and passive safety integration." He also said the current passive safety From a technical point of view has been developed to limit the future will be more in R & D-based active safety technologies. Delphi Shanghai auto show this on display, including multi-mode electronic scanning radar, forward looking integrated smart camera, rear view camera and single-velocity single-pulse radar and other products.

    As a technology leader in automotive components, in the green automotive sector, Delphi in the new energy vehicle development, improve the traditional gasoline and diesel engine performance and emission reduction technologies, lightweight auto parts and other areas of the system are to go in the world. Delphi Packard Electrical and electronic-based systems division chief Li Ming said: "According to the most optimistic estimates, by 2025 the internal combustion engine will remain an absolute market advantage; hybrid and electric car market will grow rapidly." Delphi is also In a positive development along these two main lines, sub-point layout.

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