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Electric vehicles will be made ​;​;of the core parts

Between 2013 to 2014, Volkswagen will be in China, production of pure electric vehicles, hybrids also have a transition from the Chinese market debut in 2012. And as experts in the field of electric vehicles in China Nikai Ming took over the public post of president and CEO, became the topic of electricity around the mass of the most popular topic. In the current Shanghai Auto Show, Nikai Ming to the development of electric vehicle programs in China answered questions and other issues.

    Electric vehicle joint venture will be put into operation

    Reporter: Do you believe that China's development of electric vehicles the advantages and disadvantages? In the Chinese market specific plan?

    Nikai Ming: China is the world's most important and largest market, is also the most potential market, China is the largest Volkswagen Group into the market.

    In electric vehicle development, China must also be the most important market, because the Chinese Government is determined to develop electric cars, but also a very good measure, the Government is also keen to reduce dependence on crude oil as soon as possible. Therefore, China has formed such a climate, not only manufacturers, and suppliers, we are actively developing electric vehicle technology. Also, the Chinese consumer enthusiasm for electric vehicles is very high, they can easily accept new technology and new things.

    Our two joint ventures in China, Shanghai Volkswagen and FAW Volkswagen, on the development of electric cars are very active, such as you see today in the booth electric Sunny Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen is also developing the technical aspects of electric vehicles . Two joint ventures have made the planning of electric vehicles is expected between 2013-2014 to achieve production.

    Technically, if our electric cars for the Chinese market, we must develop the technology to China, which is more close to the consumer, understand the needs of consumers. In addition, China now has to focus on the battery supply. If the battery shipped over from other countries, large volume, high cost, while China itself has very good battery supplier. So, if we are to achieve localization in China, it is necessary to achieve the core components as the local production.

    Introduction of electric cars will not race against time

    Reporter: electric cars in time the public is not leading edge node, may I ask the public how the development of this strategy is to consider?

    Nikai Ming: We may not be the first to electric cars into China, but that also reflects the Volkswagen and other companies are not the same philosophy. In time, we may not be the first mass production, but Volkswagen's technical standards is relatively high. To the public, once to mass production, technology must be of high standard, is perfect. If you want to produce pure electric cars, we will in the technical, cost, quality and other aspects of the standards of Volkswagen will achieve volume production, we will not try to steal the time in this regard.

    Reporter: Regarding the matter of cooperation and BYD, there is news that has been uncooperative, and what is the reason to give up the two sides together?

    Nikai Ming: We can not say that there is no cooperation between BYD, there is still some aspects of the talk, but there is no further use in batteries BYD Battery information.

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