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Toyota factories resume production by end of the global car makers switch to new sources to find parts

According to latest reports the Detroit Automotive News, Toyota Motor Corporation said that by the earthquake and related disasters, Toyota's global operations to the end of November to resume production in February. Toyota's announcement is the first time publicly that 3 • 11 earthquake and tsunami on the impact of automobile production time, and this recovery time than the forecast of industry analysts also longer.

    Reported that Toyota predict will be held in Japan in July auto resume normal operations, foreign operations in August is expected to gradually return to normal, to eleven in February to fully recover. July to August between the month of delay is considered to make auto parts shipped to foreign plants.

    By 3 • 11 earthquake, Toyota operations three days after the earthquake disrupted. This month, due to component shortages, North America and Europe have announced big cuts plants, this situation will continue into June. Japan's Toyota Yaris factory and Thain small cars by the earthquake and tsunami directly. Japan has been more than 200 suppliers of Toyota global production networks create the interrupt is the main reason.

    "Because a huge delay in delivery, I sincerely to all Toyota customers want to buy an apology." Toyoda, president of Toyota in Japan, 22, said at a news conference.

    Toyota's Japanese factories resumed this week, half of the productivity, but because of parts shortages, resulting in greater production of North American plants stagnation, Japan has also reduced the amount of parts shipped to U.S. dealers. It is understood that all Japanese car manufacturers are subject to varying degrees. But as Japan's largest car manufacturers and car sales last year, the biggest winner, Toyota has the most extensive supply network, including the production of high-tech, sophisticated electronic components and other components.

    Shanghai Auto Show this week's press conference, Toyota officials said, whether and how to spread the Toyota supply base Shangqie premature. "When everything settled down, we can better understanding of risk." Toyota Motor China Investment Co., Ltd. Executive Coordinator MasayoshiHori said.

    Auto industry executives and industry experts said that although affected by the earthquake, the global car companies are not likely to reduce the procurement from Japan. Parts of Japan, especially in the production of high-tech edge in terms of components, which in other places is not easy to achieve. But in recent years as the yen appreciation and higher costs of production, the Japanese and other auto makers have been found in other areas of alternative parts sources.

    "People will continue and Japanese suppliers," the famous American automobile industry analyst with research firm AutoPacific president George • Peterson said, "but people will more than before to consider other parts suppliers."

    Toyota said it would continue to purchase parts from the same suppliers, but would consider other suppliers. Toyota still struggling to stabilize the supply of about 150 group parts, mainly electronics, rubber parts and paint raw materials. And two weeks ago, the figure was 500 as much.

    According to Bloomberg News reported that Toyota is estimated at 14 March to 8 April period, the amount of output fell by 260,000, while North American production is expected to fall by 35,000 this month.

    Last year, Toyota sold 8.43 million cars and trucks, slightly ahead of GM. Affected by the earthquake this year, sales are expected to reach last year's level will be difficult.

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