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Seize the Chinese market parts giant Cross

The rapid growth of car sales in China are attracting supporting vendors after another. A number of multinational giants or the additional investment of part, or the introduction of green products, wants to seize the Chinese market.

    Bosch 3.4 billion Chinese market

    Recently, technology and service providers, Bosch announced that its Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Economic Zone in the new China headquarters building was officially opened. Bach, chairman of the Bosch Group, said Fulangcifei Run, Bosch built the new headquarters of China will help strengthen the business in China, 3.4 billion of future investment is expected to develop the Chinese market.

    Fulangcifei Run Mr. Bach said that the results based on strong growth in China and the continued good performance in 2011, Bosch will invest 3.4 billion yuan to strengthen in China, the expansion of the business. Bosch will also increase the local employees in China in 2015, Bosch's management team in China who will double, reaching 1,500, almost all new jobs will be executed by local officers, but local staff will commence active training and inputs.

    In addition, in 2010, Bosch worldwide sales of more than 470 million euros up to about 4,200 billion yuan, representing an increase of 24% in 2009, Bosch became the best ever performance of the year. Including 2010, the Bosch Asia Pacific sales mark for the first time exceeded 10 billion euros, accounting for 23% of global performance. Particular attention to China's development, the total sales of more than 37 billion yuan, an increase of 36%. Germany and the United States, China became the world's third largest market after the Bosch.

    Eaton in China to sell "green products"

    Interestingly, with the Bosch headquarters building across the street from the industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation is also carrying the latest global green power management and energy saving technology unveiled Shanghai Auto Show.

    Eaton display at the market in China has been widely used in engine valves and valve drive mechanism, locking differential, fuel evaporative valve, truck transmissions and clutches so the whole family, but also brought on behalf of the latest global Automatic mechanical transmission technology (AMT), series of double-vortex supercharger (TVS) and hybrid systems and other products.

    "Eaton was founded a hundred years, and now the market environment has undergone tremendous change - the world an unprecedented increase in energy demand, environmental impact increasingly significant, more stringent regulatory oversight. These green technologies and solutions can help improve performance for trucks and cars , fuel economy and safety, in line with the development of the global and Chinese market demand. "Eaton Vehicle Group CEO Daiwen Kai added.

    It is reported that, Eaton is stepping up distribution in China. Shanghai Eaton Engine Components Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, also established in 2006 Eaton Eaton Industries (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.. Last year, Eaton announced a new Jining City, Shandong Province, engine valve manufacturing plant to meet strong growth in China's auto market demand.
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