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Reuters: the impact of yen appreciation on profits or more earthquakes Toyota

According to Reuters, analysts have said recently that, although the recent outbreak of the devastating earthquake on Japan's Toyota, Nissan and Honda's production caused a certain influence, but in the long run, the yen continued strong profitability or cause them more significant impact.

    It is understood that the world's top carmaker Toyota's automobile production capacity in Japan accounts for 38% of global production, while Nissan and Honda, Japan factory production rates were 24% and 22%. In addition, Toyota vehicles produced in Japan more than half for export.

    Fitch Ratings (FitchRatings) said in a report, the Japanese yen in the next 3 to 6 months the trend will be the profitability of Japanese car manufacturers devastating blow.

    It is reported that affected by the earthquake, Toyota Motor Corporation has all of its factories closed in Japan for three days, many businesses are part of the component plant will resume production of 17 other plant recovery period determined.

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