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Bosch laid off 380 people in Australia to the Asia-Europe transfer of manufacturing operations

The world's largest auto parts supplier Bosch recently said that global competition, increased pressure forced the company to its southeast region is located in Clayton, Melbourne, Australia automobile factory layoffs. Bosch said the layoffs will involve 380 employees will be expected to lay off the fourth quarter of 2011 to 2013 completed during the fourth quarter.

    Bosch said, including anti-lock braking systems ABS (Anti-lockBrakeSystems) and electronic balance system ESP (ElectronicStabilityControl) and other auto parts manufacturing jobs, including job cuts are in the range. Meanwhile, the manufacturing operations will be transferred to Asia and Europe.

    David Robinson, chairman of the Australian subsidiary of Bosch (DavidRobinson) said that as the global automotive parts industry in an increasingly competitive, while prices continue to fall again, so the company made the layoff decision.

    Robinson said: "Clayton is the supply of plant products are mainly exported, but in other export markets and competition, the factory's products have lost edge. Therefore, Bosch will shift some production tasks to Europe and Asia, where the competitiveness of the stronger, but also Asian and European markets closer to consumers. "

    After the end of job cuts, Bosch factory in Clayton, Australia's number of employees was reduced from 1,100 to 720.

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