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World first: China's new energy vehicles in the next 10 years, throwing hundreds of billions 2

A former auto industry Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information recently that "China must cultivate and develop strategic new industry focus on technology breakthroughs, business models and mechanisms for integration of system innovation." He believes that the current leading role must be chosen to lead and to achieve a breakthrough a number of key directions and accelerate breakthroughs in key technologies of its development, the core technology and system integration technology. New energy vehicles must be the energy density of battery life, security, and achieved major breakthroughs in order to achieve industrialization and large scale.

    This break through technology barriers are key demands reflected in the plan, a total of 50 billion accounted for half of the funds will be used to support critical technology development and industrialization. Meanwhile, the new energy vehicle development path chosen pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid. In both technologies, the global automotive industry are at the early stage of development, but also conducive to China's turn to overtake.

    To seek a viable business model, open access of new energy vehicles in private consumption will remain the problem of the automotive industry. Take the lead in the development of electric vehicles currently BYD, taxi areas by promoting the private consumer market can not be a major breakthrough. To open the bottleneck in private consumption, one is the need for expensive electric vehicles to the purchase of substantial subsidies to mature the technology to break a fear of consumer sentiment, but also rolled out as soon as the charging station, charging facilities, garage, urban infrastructure construction.

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