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Nordic auto parts business delegation to visit Fenghua

Yesterday, the European automotive components group (FKG), general manager Sven cover Mr. Bai Lilai Austria, the rate of the Nordic auto parts auto parts business delegation to visit Fenghua, manufacturers, mining cooperation opportunities.

    In the morning, the city of Orsay shock absorbers, Casey may shock absorbers, Rui Thailand machinery, Guosheng instrument, Jinpeng mechanical components such as five companies took part went to Ningbo Ningbo - Nordic auto parts business matchmaking. Afternoon, the delegation inspected the Tung Yan instruments, dry, auto parts two companies.

    Fenghua auto industry more than 20 years of development history, current vehicle production enterprises (medium-sized buses) 1, 150 auto parts enterprises, nearly 50 motorcycle accessories business, employing about 8,000 people, and formed a compressed air car machine, auto repair tools, automotive air conditioning compressors, car audio cables, shock absorbers and systems as the leading chain BrandName. Docking at the exchange meeting yesterday afternoon, the city person in charge of foreign trade and economy related to the investment environment and Fenghua development of the auto parts industry, and focused on the introduction of the "Auto Parts Industrial Park, Fenghua Binhai New Area."

    It is understood, FKG is currently Europe's largest auto parts supplier associations, mainly for Volvo, Benz, Ford, the world's major brands such as various types of cars spare parts service. Association has 330 member units, with more than 1,000 suppliers worldwide. Since 2000, the global strategy since the full implementation of the GOGLOBAL, FKG has been to China three times, this is the second of Ningbo Bank, aimed at finding a manufacturing partner, purchasing tooling manufacturers, sourcing parts and selling products or services intended to China suppliers. Sven cover Mr. Bai Lilai Austria said they Fenghua urban development and auto parts industry is very interested in, hope the trip to China, with a bridge of cooperation between the structures in Fenghua, create more and better cooperation opportunities.

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