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ZF transmission and chassis technology leading light Shanghai Auto Show 2

ZF is more than 9 tons of drive vehicle transfer case all the market leader for many of the world-renowned commercial vehicle manufacturers to provide parts. 2 files AWD transfer case is ideal for medium-sized commercial vehicles all drive configurations. Compact, lightweight aluminum design conforms to the development trend of transmission parts. VG 750 of the two tranches of the program so that the vehicle off-road capability and strong high mobility. Based version of transfer case of the front axle drive can be achieved by pneumatic control. The optional center differential allows the vehicle to achieve full-time front axle drive.

All ZF transfer case with ZF automatic can drive management system (ADM) with applications. This section is a fully automated system, all-wheel drive vehicles, the transmission system a key factor in performance optimization. Development goal of this system is to meet the traffic safety, economic and human needs, etc., bear the full bridge and the transfer case differential central control switching function, for all all-wheel drive vehicles.

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