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ZF transmission and chassis technology leading light Shanghai Auto Show 1

In the fourteenth session of the Shanghai International Auto Industry Fair (2011 Shanghai auto show) on the appearance of a variety of models have adopted leading ZF transmission and chassis technology. As the world's leading automotive suppliers, ZF for all the world-renowned automobile manufacturers to provide various types of components, assemblies and integrated systems.

Network system in the ZF Commercial Vehicle technology has many potential advantages, these advantages are being carried out ZF multiple items one by one to explore. ZF has developed the concept of heavy-duty truck chassis and the car in a sample tested. The chassis combines the concept of independent suspension and front axle air spring bracket, and a linear control steering system. As a heavy truck with the current standard rigid axle different, this system greatly reduces the chassis unsprung mass: light chassis and better response interference on the road, traveling in comfort while enhancing the effective protection of the road. Axle bearings are out of date, and an independent wheel suspension in the installation space to the car manufacturers more flexibility in the choice. ZF are a number of Division research and development of this system has contributed, including the ZF joint venture with Bosch ZF Steering Systems business division.

System network to enhance the comfort and safety of the vehicle

Set the power of all the group to another division interdisciplinary project truck transmission and chassis technology of network research, a total of three applications: The first is the automatic transmission, electronically controlled shock absorber system and network. It can effectively compensate for vehicle loads, especially at the start and stop the vehicle when the cab of the pitch conditions. In this scenario, the new ZF cab suspension has also been applied: no front stabilizer bar system, so the stability functions are transferred to the rear. A special control unit can accept sensor signal, and instantly identify the vehicle driving conditions, and through the hydraulic cylinder to control the cab suspension, active stability cab.

The second set of a commercial network solutions and electronic active steering system, damping system CDC (continuous damping control) to ensure the accuracy and stability of the active steering, and steering wheel a good grip. The third form of applications commercial vehicle automatic transmission system and the Active Steering system network. ZF makes it possible autonomy of the drivers, can achieve unmanned.

Torsional damper to ensure smooth transmission

As a powertrain expert, ZF Sachs, in the transmission system in the most optimal way to integrate different vibration, and become sustainable solutions for production. ZF experience in vibration technology, the achievements of the torsional vibration damper products. Goal of using torsional vibration damper is to prevent excessive engine torque peak transmission system and connection protection unit for the damage caused by bumps. Now, each one equipped with power shift transmission, or application of hydrostatic transmission for commercial vehicles to be able to select the torsional vibration damper, in the form of a simple smooth drive. If the transmission is not in the decomposition of the force offset, affecting not only the ride comfort, wear and tear can also cause transmission parts. As to avoid the standard solution for torsional vibration, torsional vibration damper installation is widely used. Torsional damper in the flow of the engine torque after the Department, which is based on vibration plate technology.

For more stringent requirements, ZF Sachs provides DynaDamp solution. DynaDamp and dual mass flywheel is the same technology, and in the level of more advanced technology, reliable torsional vibration weakened.

Implement the new suspension and lighter rear axle unsprung mass

Intelligent solutions from the rear axle suspension ZF stable link connecting the new multilateral technology. And aluminum V-thrust rod and the spring songs capsule stent application, the multilateral connection stabilizer bar at the axle to provide a vertical, horizontal and vertical radial load support. Because of this innovative design and compact structure, the new lighter rear axle suspension, so as to realize a smaller vehicle unsprung mass, for driving safety and comfort upgrade is essential. Fleet could benefit from lighter vehicles, as opposed to lowering the quality of vehicles, load capacity has been improved. Another positive effect of lightening is to protect the road.

In addition, ZF is still recognized by the industry to promote cross-thrust rod, the weight of the cross rod thrust advantage is obvious. ZF plans to work directly arrange pre-installed base in the assembly, thereby reducing the assembly and logistics costs.

Transfer case VG 750: medium ideal for all-wheel drive trucks

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