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A quarter of U.S. manufacturing output more than three times higher than the estimated growth rate

Global demand for large U.S. manufacturers began to profit growth, investors will have to wind, ignore the high oil prices and concerns about Japan.

    Growth rate of manufacturing output over the first quarter of the estimated growth rate of three times the overall U.S. economy over the past year, manufacturing output, consumer demand rebounded faster than the rebound. Released this week a series of surprisingly strong earnings report highlights this trend.

    Financial services company PNCFinancialServicesGroupInc. Dye, senior economist in Pittsburgh (RobertA.Dye) said that if there is no strong momentum in manufacturing, the economy can only be regarded as weak. He believes that a quarter of overall economic growth was only about 2%.

    The stock market reflects this difference. On Wednesday, the Dow Jones industrial average rose 186.79 points to 12453.54 points, or 1.5%, the highest since June 2008 closing high. Manufacturing Unit is the list of biggest gainers on Wednesday, United Technologies Corporation (UnitedTechnologiesCorp.) rose 4.3%, Caterpillar (CaterpillarInc.) rose 2.5%, Boeing (BoeingCo.) rose 2.6%.

    The Nasdaq composite index hit in September last year, its biggest one-day point gain, rising 57.54 points to 2802.51 points, or 2.1%. Intel (IntelCorp.) shares surged 7.8%.

    Deutsche Bank (DeutscheBank) Bravo, chief U.S. economist in New York, Wagner (JosephLaVorgna) said that the manufacturing sector has increased significantly. He said that the first quarter of this year's economic growth rate of the manufacturing sector in other areas may also be improved, including the property market. He said the good performance of the manufacturing sector when the economy is usually followed by the other recipients. U.S. manufacturing growth in the first quarter, the highest since 1997.

    One of the reasons manufacturing growth is well-funded companies in computers, machinery and other equipment expenditures. Computer data center server system chips and other hardware used by the strong sales helped boost the performance of Intel. Intel on Tuesday announced a substantial increase of 34% quarter profit.

    Other forces to promote growth in the manufacturing sector, the automotive and heavy truck sales increased, as well as to China, India and Latin America, the rapidly growing export market of construction, agricultural and mining equipment. Weakening dollar helped push exports to the U.S. industry.

    Wednesday, Eaton Corporation (EatonCorp.) and United Technologies reports first quarter earnings both to achieve strong growth, and raised its 2011 forecast. Eaton production of various kinds of industrial, construction and agricultural machinery, electrical and hydraulic components. United Technologies Corporation's products include Sikorsky (Sikorsky) helicopter, Otis (Otis) Elevator and Carrier (Carrier) air conditioning.

    Even so, the reason to remain vigilant. Chief Financial Officer United Technologies Corporation Hayes (GregoryHayes) on Wednesday, analysts said the world economic upturn, but the Middle East and Japan's recent recovery against the flexibility of the test.

    In addition, construction machinery and factory equipment, strong demand for capital goods, to some extent, reflects the company to preserve cash during the recession delayed the procurement.

    At present, the food prices began to promote the world in spending on agricultural equipment. Cleveland, chief executive of Eaton Cutler (AlexanderCutler), I think there is no evidence that food prices will fall this year.

    China, Latin America, India and Africa infrastructure projects will boost the demand for construction equipment. To some extent, because of this, sales in emerging markets accounted for a quarter of Eaton 26% of total sales.

    Globally, rising metal and oil prices stimulated in the mining and oil and mineral exploration expenditures on, and promote the demand for equipment.

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