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Focus: Crisis in the Fukushima nuclear power construction machinery

March 11, 2011, magnitude 9 earthquake occurred in Japan and triggered a tsunami crisis and nuclear leaks. Empathy is a common human emotion, nuclear leakage triggered by the earthquake crisis affects the world's nerves. Was severely damaged to cool the nuclear reactors in Fukushima, the Japanese authorities used a helicopter, fire engines, try to inject water nuclear power plants, and has successfully restarted a reactor electric pumps, but these measures did not prevent nuclear leakage.

    Before the disaster without borders, the face of the nuclear crisis, even more so. The first nuclear power plant in Fukushima facing nuclear leak, Japan tried every means, using a variety of advanced equipment for the nuclear power plant cooling water. As fire engines, military helicopter hit the water injection rate is not high, so they learn from experience of former Soviet nuclear power plant disaster, consider the use of truck involved in disaster relief. At this time, looking for the world's most reliable performance, long boom pump to become the most pressing issues.

    March 62 meters pump Fukushima nuclear power plant Unit 1 for the water

    As the world record for the longest boom pump in Sany Heavy Industry, and soon entered the Tokyo Electric Power Company's vision. After careful calculation, Sany Heavy Industry, Tokyo Electric Power Company proposed to purchase the 62 m model SY5502THB pump to the reactor cooling water. Sany Heavy Industry to understand the situation, the humanitarian spirit, said by Chinese, Japanese Red Cross Society donated the necessary pump and will provide full support. Sany Heavy Industry, Tokyo Electric Power Company is very grateful for this move, and then formally issued to the relevant instruments of Sany Heavy Industry to confirm reception.

    It is reported that, according to the specific conditions Fukushima nuclear power plant, the staff in the simulation test for the pump to draw water installed at the end of the arm the smaller-diameter water pipe, so that the pump arm length extended to 67 meters, improved nozzle pressure and spray distance. Pump is also installed on the 360-degree camera work at the pump when the fuel tank at any time to see the situation. More importantly, the pump is also installed on the temperature measurement, the staff can always measure the concentration of nuclear radiation.

    It is worth mentioning that, in order for the operator of nuclear radiation on the damage to a minimum, Sany Heavy Industry engineers rely on a strong foundation and unique advantages of smart technology, emergency remote wireless remote control technology developed to achieve the 2 km away on the pump unmanned operation. Trinity is currently the technology in the global "solution the world."

    It is understood that risked their lives to bear the Jedi rescue mission three operator Tokyo Electric Power Company is the first nuclear power plant front-line staff. The youngest of three 43-year-old Sakai Yang Zhao, Tokyo Electric Power Company is the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima, director of Civil Service, his home in Fukushima. Another operator is the 47-year-old Japanese Tianfeng Yan, since the Fukushima nuclear power plant construction began on the first working there. After the earthquake, he experienced two explosions before the nuclear power plant. In the training and test, Trinity pump arm length, force, efficient and safe task performance so that they are very surprised, they all said that in Sany Heavy Industry products and services of high quality with the help of confidence to complete this missions.

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