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Japan's earthquake emergency rescue system once again sounded the alarm

Earthquake in Japan, once again tells us that a major natural disaster relief, can not do without a lot of construction machinery and equipment of relief and rescue. However, due to less investment in China there is rescue equipment, with a low rate, security, emergency response security system lagging behind other issues, when it comes to power should not always play.

    CPPCC member and Vice Chairman of Hunan, Chairman of the Supervisory Zoomlion key countries have long called for integration of resources, construction machinery, engineering machinery to play a greater role in the rescue. Long Key State pointed out that large-scale construction equipment all over it when the disaster is the rescue equipment. Relief, no turning back. However, no corresponding system requires companies to participate in rescue operations when disasters occur, although many companies are willing to rescue the idea, but immediately went into action in implementation has been mixed. Why? Emergency rescue system not in place.

    Long Key State that the emergency system of construction machinery should be a government based on the industry as auxiliary, unit and individual preparation of the project rescue equipment system. Should focus on the following aspects: equipment of the rescue equipment into the various types of contingency plans, the proposed equipment programs proceeding from reality, to distinguish between small and can be specifically supporting the urgent mobilization of the variety, quantity. Within a radius of investigation of the emergency support unit of the current equipment condition Garrison to establish contact call mechanism. Units in the equipment, personal and timely reporting condition of the equipment to ensure that emergency situations can be called upon to offer, to the can. Development of rescue teams ready to enrich engineering rescue equipment system. The case of cranes, crane equipment has been completely socialized, more than 80% of group sales of private individuals. To the private sector to create the file head of household, centralized device information, the establishment of social relief system. Strengthen the organization and training, equipment operators will have a similar backbone of organized militia or reserve forces, with militia training, fire training, all training mechanism has been to increase the equipment operation, wrecker training to improve their skills wrecker safety knowledge and self-protection. Into the system of units to the appropriate financial subsidies for staff training.

    Emergency rescue equipment is safe and security system, emergency disaster relief to the important material security. Emergency rescue equipment, safety is "second Five-Year" period of the development of China's machinery industry one of the key. China Machinery Industry Federation in drafting the equipment manufacturing industry, "second Five-Year" plan, high-end equipment, machinery and equipment used by the people's livelihood as a "key development tasks." Among them, the safety of emergency rescue equipment, machinery and equipment is the livelihood of the people in the focus of development. In the "second Five-Year" period, the emergency support equipment, emergency communication equipment, emergency project rescue equipment, emergency rescue equipment, emergency relief and other safety equipment will be a good development environment.

    Now, as disaster prevention and control of construction machinery show in the great universal, has become the relevant departments in improving the device an integral part of emergency plans. Ability to participate in disaster relief and reconstruction of enterprises, should be socially responsible and strive to study how to deal with all kinds of construction machinery special case of natural disasters, manufacturing enterprises should seize the opportunity to research and development efforts for various disaster conditions special equipment. Of course, the more important government departments, construction and management should assume the responsibility of the emergency rescue system, integration of social resources, when it comes to natural disasters that can quickly mobilize social forces in the rescue effort.

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