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Auto parts enterprises to accelerate mergers and acquisitions

The rapid growth of China's auto market is in transition this year, China's auto parts market will usher in changes? At yesterday's "2011 Third Global Forum auto parts industry", industry experts believe that this decline in the automotive industry growth is inevitable, but in the long run, the next decade, the rapid development of the domestic market will remain range, which brings to the automotive parts industry development opportunities, it also brings challenges, the next step, the Chinese auto parts enterprises mergers and acquisitions will accelerate.

    There are years of development of the domestic automobile market

    Government policies to encourage large-scale automobile consumption withdrawal of rising oil prices, Japan earthquake, the superposition of negative factors, so that downside risks to the entire vehicle market this year, increasing sales is temporarily blocked. Director of the Asia-Pacific car market forecasts JDPower Zeng Zhiling forecast, this year the domestic passenger car market had been expected to maintain 11% growth, but the interference by the earthquake in Japan, to maintain the 8% to 10% growth on the bad.

    State Information Center, Xu Changming, director of Information Resources also believes that the short term, this year's auto market growth rate decline is inevitable, because the first two years of high growth because of policies to stimulate the revitalization of planning this year, superimposed by a variety of negative policies, sales growth will remain at 10% to 15%, below the industry long-term potential growth rate.

    Xu Changming, but also pointed out that the domestic vehicle market, there are more than ten years of development, which will drive the development of components. Xu Changming believes that high-growth domestic market, China's auto industry and the internationalization of the rapid development of independent car companies gave the parts industry has brought about development opportunities, particularly the development of own-brand vehicle spare parts stimulating effect on the biggest brands. First of all, by 2020, the domestic passenger car market will remain range of rapid development, the growth rate equivalent to about 1.5 times the GDP growth rate for its own brand to provide sufficient space for development. Second, a better car exports will remain long-term trends, which will bring the international market opportunities. Third, the future market to accelerate the transfer of second and third tier cities, especially in third-tier cities will become the major growth point.

    National School of Administration Decision Consulting, a research fellow Wang Xiaoguang is optimistic that more than a decade the automotive industry will remain 15% to 20% growth rate, the final car ownership will reach 600 million, annual output will reach 60 million at peak.

    Increase investment in research and industry consolidation

    On the threshold of opportunity, self-parts industry is also facing challenges. Xu Changming that, first of all, with the rising input prices, independent component cost advantage is being weakened by the scale advantages of foreign auto parts enterprises and R & D costs are relatively localized form a distinct advantage. Second, to improve energy efficiency and environmental protection standards and regulations become stricter, bringing parts to the self-dual pressures of technology and cost. Third, simultaneous development of modular production and popularity to bring more and more independent parts of the technical barriers.

    Facing both opportunities and challenges, general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Fiat Zheng Xiancong that OEMs in the expansion but also to focus on R & D and innovation capability, enhance the core competitiveness.

    Xu Changming that the next five years, parts of China will speed up the merger and reorganization of enterprises. He suggested that support for manufacturing companies through various channels listed, because there is no strong independent parts of the vehicle without a strong business to business. At the same time, selecting the right number of key components and assembly, the organization of domestic enterprises and have a division of joint research. To clear the autonomous vehicle must match the strength of a strong independent parts, first big, do strong. As parts of several major group companies, we must play to the overall strength of the company, including increased R & D investment, including taking a series of measures to expand parts business.


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