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Saab plant in Sweden, or to resume production next week

Dutch sports car maker Spyker car company owned by Saab of Sweden has said it expects next week's resumption of car production plant in Sweden, the factory before Zengyin in a dispute with the supplier was forced to stop, suspend for up to half a month.

    Saab, vice president of worldwide sales Seidel (MatthiasSeidl), said: "Maybe in the next week to resume production, we are efforts to this end." It is reported that Saab Automobile company was cash flow problems and its failure to pay the purchase price when the occurrence of individual suppliers the dispute, Saab, etc. to be repaid by mortgage debt.

    March 29, 2011, Saab have disputes with suppliers, resulting in parts supply disruptions, Saab's factory in Sweden to stop production for three days (March 29 -31 days).

    April 5, at the Saab factory, after a brief resumption of auto production and parts supply problems once again exposed the factory back into production.

    According to Swedish media reports, the Swedish carmaker Saab plans to obtain loans through the government guarantees to repay the money owed parts suppliers, to resolve disputes between suppliers and restore its factory.

    Saab Motor Company has said that the company is working with its East Grand lineage companies to seek to solve this problem, restore Troy Ruttan (Trollhattan) plant production activities the best option.

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