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China auto parts for the first time the U.S. launched the "double reverse "

Ministry of Commerce announced yesterday that the U.S. Department of Commerce announced that since April 19 on my steel wheels from products launched anti-dumping, subsidy investigations. According to the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce in charge of the legal person, the survey of China's auto parts in the United States launched the first product from the "double reverse", but also the wheel industry in China in recent years worldwide suffer from the fifth trade remedy investigations.

    Relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Commerce, the case was investigated steel wheel products, including roulette, and wheels, from 18 to 24.5 inches in diameter between. The product is used in tires, but whether or not attached to the tire or wheel, in the scope of the products applied for investigation. According to the United States to incomplete statistics, in 2010, I have steel wheels products exports to the U.S. about 8,000 million U.S. dollars.

    Electrical Chamber of Commerce official says, companies have had my wheels have been in South Africa, India, Australia, the EU anti-dumping investigations. This time for the U.S. steel wheel products in China initiated the "double reverse", the main export enterprises in China have been more than ten to carry out relevant responses.

    According to the person in charge of the Electrical and Mechanical Association as the industry has also been carried out on behalf of the defense industry, work injury, has secured three major importers of U.S. support for China's position. Support China's position clear against the major U.S. importers of the trade remedy investigations initiated, and attend relevant hearings, and further position.

    Currently, the exports in the country among the top three Deputy General Manager Jin Jiayan solid Zhejiang, said: "Although the high cost of litigation, or even one year to the respondent, the profit on the product to be flowers to suit up and do not know what the final result will be, we decided to actively responding to. "

    Beijing WTO Affairs Center, said deputy Renzhong Qing, the occurrence of the case, China will certainly be the corresponding exports of auto parts companies affected, but the final decision has not been carried out, thereby affecting the physical mask is also difficult to estimate how much. From the current situation, the case should not cause significant impact on Sino-US trade relations.

    April 19, should the United States Accuride International Inc. and HayesLemmerz applications, the U.S. Department of Commerce officially launched on China's steel wheel anti-dumping and subsidy investigations. Earlier, the U.S. International Trade Commission on April 5 was formally opened on the case and started damaging part of the investigation.

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    Europe and the U.S. cable TV fiber of anti-dumping duties imposed

    Ministry of Commerce yesterday released the latest announcement said the decision originated in the U.S. and EU imports of non-dispersion shifted single-mode fiber charge ranging from 4.7 to 29.1 percent anti-dumping duty, the implementation period of 5 years.

    Ministry of Commerce said that since April 22, 2011, the import of operators in the above-mentioned sources of imports of such products should be determined based on final determination of the company's dumping margin (4.7 to 29.1%) to the Chinese Customs provide anti-dumping duties.

    According to reports, the investigated products of non-dispersion shifted single-mode fiber is widely used in high-speed, long distance transmission, such as long-distance communications, trunk, and loop feeder cable television and other networks.

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