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International Methanol pump will first vehicle into production in Nanjing

Methanol, the methanol pump car key technology has been overcome. Yesterday, reporters learned that the international's first methanol pumps specializing in automotive R & D projects, located in Qixia Golden Port Technology Center, will soon put into operation in Nanjing.

    According to reports, the project is covered by the Jiangsu Science and Technology Co., Ltd Ellis invest 30 million yuan car, and in the U.S. General Motors, Ford Motor Company for nearly 20 years, returned to senior week iron, Yu congruent joint venture between German project is through the Ministry of International Cooperation project acceptance.

    Identified by the National Development and Reform Commission methanol fuel for the next 20 to 30 years of transitional alternative fuel vehicles. National Energy Board plan, by 2020, China will produce nearly 20 million of methanol and methanol-fueled vehicles. Methanol can be extracted from coal, China's first methanol vehicle fuel standard was November 1, 2010 onwards.

    "As the methanol fuel pump in the brush would be the impeller, and other parts of the float level of corrosion, resulting in sensor malfunction, fuel injection plug, pump locking pin brush and other failures, it is common for methanol fuel pumps can not. Currently, there is no world methanol for methanol fuel pump. "Zhou iron introduction, Ellis developed the car covered with methanol pumps, the use of new corrosion-resistant materials to the new brushless motor as a dynamic system, not only for methanol vehicles fuel, but also the use of ethanol and gasoline motor fuel. The project's first car to become an international R & D projects with methanol pumps successfully to fill the gap.

    "Shanxi extract methanol from coal, the price is 2000 yuan per ton. To the current price of 93 # gasoline, taxi use methanol instead of gasoline, can save 20-30 per one hundred kilometers." Zhou Rail said that at present, cover Ellis methanol pump motor development, has been in Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan and other coal-producing province of large transport vehicles on the trial, and FAW will cooperate in the upcoming production of methanol transport vehicle put into use.

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