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Honda electric car production in China next year to promote the localization of seeking a breakthrough

April 19, Honda Motor president Takanobu Ito, published in the Shanghai auto show in China in 2012 production of electric car news. Takanobu Ito told "Daily Economic News" interview, said in 2012, Honda will offer three hybrid models, he hoped that efforts by companies, not only rely on government support and subsidies in China, a faster promotion and popularization of hybrid vehicles speed.

    Takanobu Ito said Honda slowdown in the Chinese market, mainly due to the model suitable for small, localized current Honda is stepping up research and development process, will introduce more models to adapt to the Chinese market.

    2012 production of electric cars in China

    Shanghai auto show in this, environmental protection and new energy into the subject of many auto companies invariably, especially foreign brand, plans to launch many new energy in China models.

    The hybrid system known for Honda is no exception. In the auto show, Honda announced that from 2012 onwards, Guangzhou Honda will sell hybrid CR-Z and FITHybrid, Dongfeng Honda will sell the new INSIGHT. Now, as the core components of the battery and hybrid engines still need to import from Japan, Honda is promoting local production of hybrid-type preparations, the future of these core components will be manufactured in China. By then, hybrids can be more price advantage.

    Takanobu Ito said the hybrid is the most realistic at this stage of a new energy technology, as hybrid technology does not require adjustment of the existing infrastructure, so the Honda at this stage will focus on promoting the popularization of hybrid vehicles .

    Currently, sales of Honda hybrid models in China, sales are not ideal. Takanobu Ito believes that this is mainly due to price reasons. Honda hybrid cars will further control the cost and price, with the government's preferential policies, and accelerate the localization of production, so that hybrids can improve the pace of development in China. Meanwhile, Honda Motor luxury brand Acura (Acura) has launched a new 2012 hybrid models.

    In pure electric vehicles, said Takanobu Ito, Honda aims to 2012 production of electric cars in China. Currently, Honda Motor and Guangzhou Municipal Government and Guangzhou Automobile Group to test the issues driving the electric car to reach agreement on the use of electric vehicles to achieve the effect of the process of testing, validation Honda is developing in the practicality of electric vehicles in Guangzhou and convenience, and to explore the popularity of electric vehicles the necessary social infrastructure. Last year, the plan will be implemented.

    On the technical aspects, Honda began in 1997 in the U.S. electric vehicle leasing and sales, through 14 years of exploration, master of the electric vehicle manufacturing methods, and how to implement high-performance electric vehicle related technologies.

    Will put more suitable models in China

    In 2010, Honda vehicle sales in China was 64.6 million, an increase of 12.4%; and earlier Toyota and Nissan sales to increase by 19% and 36%.

    The slow growth rate in China, the issue of road Takanobu Ito, Honda's two joint ventures in China, put the car in, 1.6L less these models. In recent years the Chinese market, 1.6L following models of the demand growth is faster, resulting Honda poor overall sales in China. Based on this, he said, Honda will provide more and better models to adapt to the Chinese market and further expand market share.

    In addition, the localization of Honda R & D in China is also lagging behind in many multinational companies are aggressively to strengthen local research and development capabilities in the context, Honda also raised its localization development strategy. Takanobu Ito said, Honda has invested in Beijing and Guangzhou R & D technical staff, hoping to Chinese consumers as soon as possible to develop appropriate models, while models will promote the development of China as a global model. When the time is ripe, the situation will reveal new models.

    On the management side, the Honda hopes to achieve localization of management personnel, particularly senior personnel.

    Meanwhile, Toyota, Guangzhou Automobile and Dongfeng Honda launched its own brand models. Takanobu Ito said, Dongfeng Honda will own brand models planned for release this fall, but due to the earthquake in Japan as part of plans may be delayed, but the Honda will do our best efforts, the introduction of Honda's independently developed models.

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