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Non-stop political unrest in Africa and West Asia, the export of mechanical and electrical hardware

In recent years, Africa and West Asia has been the focus of foreign trade enterprises in Zhejiang Province to develop the emerging markets, long-term export growth higher than the provincial average, the province's total exports in 2010 accounted for 14.8%. 1-2 months, the province of Africa, West Asia, exports increased by 12.8% and 12.7%, lower than the provincial average, especially for radiation West Asia, North Africa, the UAE exports grew by only 1.0%.

    But recently, Gong Zheng, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province, said the West Asia North Africa by the country's political turbulence, Zhejiang Province, export growth slowed in the region.

    Gong is revealed at the West Asia merchants in Yiwu overall decline of 30% -50%, sent to the West line of the cargo also fell by 15%. Yiwu Small Commodity Market, and many of Shaoxing Textile City (600,790) of the business reflects the cancellation of export orders, payment, etc. difficult to recover, was obvious.

    Chen Fangming Zhejiang Wantong management company said that this year compared to last year, North Africa, dropped by a third order effects. Mainly due to war, pirates of cargo safe. But in the long term, the market will still rise, and there demand is large.

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