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Honeywell brand is about to launch new brake pads

Friction Materials announced that its two leading brands JURID ® superior brake sharply Texaco ™ and Bendix ® Pentium ® will be the end of 2011 before the second quarter launch of China's automotive aftermarket.

    Honeywell's high-end brands JURID ® brake pads will be two excellent sharp ™ product line composition, including the expression of the highest quality Honeywell products imported from Europe and the same price with high quality and competitiveness of both the "noble-type" series composition. The latter will be Honeywell Friction Materials plant in Guangzhou, the global standard by Honeywell to pursue cost-effective production to meet consumer demand.

    Bendix ® Pentium ® brand brakes Texaco is in China, has three product lines - namely, agile, comfortable and durable type - its full of quality and value to the quality of old and new models to meet domestic demand for diversification .

    "With its trusted global brand and product line advantage, Ben taxis and excellent sharp brake pads in China to seek better market performance for the majority of products consumers the opportunity to experience," in an interview, Howard Honeywell Friction Materials, Mr. Zhiqiang, general manager of China Court further states, "As China continues to be the world's fastest growing automotive markets in the world of consumer goods, Honeywell has a good localization of positioning, its global standard processes and technology to ensure product quality and service in the rapidly growing domestic market, is committed to improving consumer driving comfort and safety. "

    Honeywell has been in Guangzhou has a friction material factory, and recently decided to build a new factory in Chongqing. China's growth in the automotive aftermarket brake pads every year thousands of demand to reach 9 million sets of 5, this figure is expected to reach 9 thousand in 2013 to 3 million sets.

    Honeywell Friction Materials is a world leading automotive parts suppliers, and Honeywell turbochargers Honeywell Consumer Products Group and a common part of Honeywell's Transportation Systems Group, which by virtue of first-class technology, world-class brands and global solutions dedicated to automotive manufacturers worldwide and customers to reduce fuel consumption, provide exterior maintenance, and enhance vehicle performance, and in 2011 for its innovation in the automotive industry, technology leadership and business performance earned PACE Award.

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