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United Air car break parts in the international acquisition of resistance to the World Serious and special

April 8, AVIC Serious car and Beijing BDA International will hold a joint acquisition of resistance to special Automotive Systems World headquarters settled in Beijing and China Development of the signing ceremony, thus, so far the largest Chinese auto parts industry be considered an overseas acquisition ends.

    March 22 this year, China Aviation Industrial Motor Company announced that the aircraft industry holding 51% of cars in the form of joint Beijing Yizhuang wholly-owned international partners such as the acquisition of resistance to the World Special Automotive Systems. This seems sudden, but there is makes sense in context.

    Special resistance to the world-renowned Automotive Systems is the world specializing in automotive steering and transmission services provider, after GM acquired resistance to the world in recent years, especially in deep dilemma, acute shortage of funds, common determination to focus on core automotive business, January 2010 announced the sale of anti-World special projects. There were 32 buyers competing, including the platinum fund, Korea million are in China and China Aviation Industry universal Singapore Airlines North of companies.

    At this point, has single-handedly led to the acquisition of Delphi BeijingWest sensational case of Tempo Group, and with the Beijing State-owned holding together the international background of the Serious and the establishment of the Pacific Century Motor Company, once again the use of "government money, business efforts," the acquisition mode, successfully break out of the success of $ 420,000,000 to buy the entire equity interest especially resistant to the world, and access to its global steering and drive advanced technology, industry experience, and in the steering and drive business around the world, including North America, South America, Europe and Asia all 22 production plants, six engineering centers and 14 customer service centers.

    Late last year, the CBRC issued in the national banking system for the "Tempo system," the credit risk warning, the outside world that was once built car tycoon Zhou Tian Bao, "Tempo line" into the life and death moment, and send the matter will acquire resistance to the World Temeng shadow of doubt, and then had assets of Tempo Group, said settlement is completed, the acquisition will not impact.

    Then, regarding the acquisition of resistance to the world especially the follow-up development is gradually fading out of the public eye, until March 22, the Air Motors announced the joint acquisition of resistance to Beijing Yizhuang, a wholly owned special world, the matter was re-surfaced.

    Deputy Chief Economist in the aircraft industry, automobile company chairman, anti-chairman of the World Special Zhao Guibin Automotive Systems, said in an interview: "The acquisition of overseas competition, difficult, taking into account the capital, the follow-up mechanism for the development and optimization, The final acquisition of the main shareholders include the central enterprises, enterprises and joint-stock enterprises in Beijing, China Aviation Industry cars accounted for 51% of the shares, the other two companies accounted for 49% of the shares. "

    As resistance to the world especially in the traditional automotive driveline and hydraulic power steering system within the two areas, accounting for about 10% global market share, the top three. In the EPS side, has the world's leading core technologies, has become the world's fourth-largest supplier of electronic power steering system, accounting for 9% of global market share. In addition, a future hybrid and pure electric vehicles will use the latest generation of electronic power steering technology. 2020, half of the world's cars will use the electronic steering systems, especially in resistance to the world after China's new owner took over the industry's growth prospects are good. Zhao Guibin with "the Chinese parts industry breakthrough" to describe This time the acquisition: "We must actively integrate into the mainstream of the international auto parts industry, now, is an important way is" a borrowed boat, "the key to the acquisition of high-end overseas holding parts enterprises to master core technologies and markets, and to cultivate with the same stage the world's leading suppliers of parts enterprises in China. "

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