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Private test the water of Ningbo auto parts enterprises are winning over German Puri

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission website disclosure, the National Development and Reform Commission have approved the acquisition of German Puri Group wins Equity project. This is the second acquisition of Delphi BeijingWest, Geely acquisition of Australian transmission company DSI, the acquisition of Universal Group, the U.S. automotive steering shaft DS business, private auto parts enterprises in China once again test the waters overseas.

    Puri: global technology leader in high-end auto parts company

    Purell is a veteran German auto parts supplier, was established in 1919 and has six branches in the global production and sales base, more than 2,500 employees worldwide, including R & D staff 25%. Customers include global manufacturers of all high-end models.

    In recent years, Puri company's business has grown rapidly, even experienced 2008,09 years of financial crisis, the average annual compound growth rate is still more than 10%. Annual sales reached 351 million euros in the first quarter, the company's sales increased by nearly one-third.

    Automotive electronics industry in 2010, ranking patents, Puri company more patents to 98 seventh highest in the industry, Delphi technology ranks, Continental Automotive Systems and other automotive parts giant before. BMW's iDrive and Audi's MMI system, a number of important technology patents owned by PREH. In 1988, BMW has developed a joint Puri world's first intelligent driving control system iDrive, attracted a large number of owners and the media attention and help BMW's technology leadership firmly secured the top spot.

    This time both Mason acquires a 75% stake in Purell, also including many core technologies.

    Help to enhance the international status of China's auto parts business

    Financial crisis the world automobile industry has undergone profound changes in structure, with the U.S. Big Three (GM, Ford and Chrysler) in the bankruptcy and reorganization, the focus of the world's automotive industry has been transferred to China in 2009 and 2010 for two consecutive production and sales year making China the world's most attractive auto market

    Before this, the company's partner Purell major senior foreign car brands, so the visibility in the Chinese market and lower market share, but it is significant in view of China's auto market demand, Puri companies make a strategic shift.

    The acquisition not only to high-end products in Europe and America by the original customer order to increase domestic production in the Audi and other support in the percentage of existing customers, but also can win Group in product development are technology, operational level, sales in Europe and America channel gain rapid promotion and other areas, leading the German automotive electronics technology for the domestic market, quickly cut into the domestic auto electronics market with pre-installed.

    This will change the field of automotive parts enterprises abroad pattern of world domination, promotion of Chinese auto parts enterprises in the international mainstream market influence.

    Government to force private enterprises to cross-border acquisitions

    In recent years, the Chinese government is encouraging such acquisitions, which to some extent because of the joint venture agreement was disappointed that the foreign partners in these joint ventures to enter the Chinese market, but failed to ensure that they transfer technology. The strategy now is to win China's private enterprises have reached such a deal to avoid the foreign acquisition of Chinese SOEs resist.

    Currently, the acquisition, has been approved by National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce and to be to get SAFE approval, the acquisition can be implemented.

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