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Faurecia, Eaton: Always stick

Gathered in Shanghai a global auto parts giant auto show. Among them, Faurecia, Eaton and other giants are the most determined to see more Chinese market, with almost no down time in Shanghai, Beijing International Auto Show.

    Faurecia bring its auto show debut four core businesses, such as emissions control technologies systems. Previously, Faurecia emission control systems and the new Asian headquarters in Shanghai, China R & D center has been opened. Faurecia Chairman and Chief Executive Officer YannDelabriere said in 2015, Faurecia sales revenue in China from the current 1 billion euros to 25 billion euros. Investment in China this year will be 60 to 70 million euros.

    As trucks and cars drive and transmission systems leader, Eaton power management to bring the latest technology, energy saving green product appearance. Most concern is the UltraShiftPLUS automatic transmission (AMT), series of double-vortex supercharger (TVS) and the hybrid system, which is the world's newest powertrain technology, can improve fuel economy, just adapt to high oil prices times the global demand for energy saving. Eaton hopes to achieve sustained growth of new technologies.

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