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Bosch $ 43,000,000 new CVT plant in Vietnam

German automotive supplier Bosch (RobertBosch) has officially announced that the company in southern Vietnam, Dong Nai (DongNai) Provincial Long Thanh Industrial Zone (LongThanhIndustrialZone) established a new transmission plant. The plant belongs to Dr. Group's fuel systems business is part of Bosch's first in Southeast Asia CVT Continuously Variable Transmission plant, is the company following the Tilburg (Tilburg), after the world's second CVT continuously variable transmission factory.

    Reportedly, the plant covers an area of ​​16 square meters, cost about 30 million euros (about $ 43,000,000), the existing staff of 200 people. Bosch said that by 2015, the company will increase investment to 5,000 million euros. By then, the plant will increase the number of employees to 800.

    Bosch Gasoline Systems division president RolfBulander said: "We CVT technology, most of the customers come from Asia. In order to meet the automotive industry, particularly Japan and China auto industry growth rate, by 2015 we plan to plant the new CVT CVT output increased to 2.3 million. "

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