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Brembo 35 million euros to establish a new plant in the Czech Republic Programme

Brembo Italian auto parts supplier company has said that the company has identified the city in the Czech Republic, Ostrava (Ostrava) to build new factories, and construction programs in neighboring Slovakia will no longer be considered. The company said the new plant construction project will cost 35 million euros (U.S. $ 50,000,000). At the same time, the project will create 150 new jobs.

    Brembo MonicaMichelini company spokesman, said the Czech Republic closer to the huge German market, and have better infrastructure and more skilled workers. Therefore, the company finally made the decision to build factories in the Czech Republic.

    It is reported that since 2008, Brembo has been with the company in Slovakia, the Slovak Government on the western soil Pa Keni City (Topolcany) to conduct consultations on setting up factories. Slovakia took office has said the government sectors of the economy, will give the company a 20% investment support. But news that the new government to the company hinted that the company can only give 15% of government support, the two sides have not signed the final agreement.

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