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Toyota announced production cuts in China and North America within a time limit

20 Toyota Motor Corporation, announced by the supply of spare parts shortages, late April to 3 June, Toyota's factory in China and North America will be part of the production.

According to the production cuts, April 21-June 3, Toyota vehicle plant in China, all production will be reduced to the usual 30% to 50% of the parts factories will also be adjusted accordingly; April 26 to June 3, Toyota in North America in all 14 plants on Monday and Friday will be suspended, Tuesday to Thursday drop by 50%.

Toyota had already cut production in the North American plants to take certain measures to extend production cuts after Toyota in North America during the production will be only about 30% of normal. It is estimated that the earthquake occurred on March 11 to June 3 period, Toyota in North America will cut about 15 million vehicles.

Toyota said that after June 3 when the production plan will depend on parts availability.



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